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Augmentation packages

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Augmentation packages
Hi all I've recently been playing about with the idea of creating implant/augmentation packages. Basically this idea was prompted by the fact that I've been planning a game with a new player who was slightly daunted by the list of gear/implants etc. The main utility for these packages is to allow new players to start a game without having to go on extensive shopping trips. I also thought that this might be of use for quick customisation of morphs in game, for example an academic character transferring into a Ruster morph wishes to retain certain mental augmentations. Even someone using a highly specialised morph such as a Ghost could benefit from something like the Covert Suite. This could also be used as a short hand for GMs, so that for NPCs they merely note a package rather than a potentially long list of augmentations. For the sake of simplicity I have kept the price of packages to rounded numbers. All prices have been modified accordingly, with military and covert packages being the most expensive. The packages are intended to be complimentary, so that someone who wished to create a combat orientated character might choose both the Military Suite and the High Performance Suite. A detective/investigator on the other hand might take the Covert Suite, Academic Suite and Enhanced Sensory Suite. I may put this together in the form of a corporate catalogue once I get my hands on a copy of InDesign. These are what I have come up with so far: ENHANCED SENSORY SUITE - 4,000 Credits Includes: Hearing Vision Smell Anti-Glare Taste/Touch available as add-ons for additional 1,000 (justification is that these are likely to be considered luxury enhancements for those of a hedonistic disposition) HIGH PERFORMANCE SUITE - 8,000 Credits Enhanced Respiration Hardened Skeleton Muscle Augmentations HOSTILE ENVIROMENT SUITE - 4,000 Credits Toxin Filters Temperature Tolerance Oxygen Reserve Direction Sense WELLBEING SUITE - 3,000 Credits Medichines Clean Metabolism Nano-Phages Circadian Regulation ACADEMIC SUITE - 4,000 Credits Eidetic Memory Math Boost or Hyper Linguist Mental Speed COVERT SUITE - 15,000 Credits Emotional Dampers Endocrine Control Neurachem Level 1 MILITARY SUITE - 10,000 Credits Bioweave Armour (Light) Respirocytes Adrenal Boost Dead Switch Other suites I have considered include a business/media darling suite, a law enforcement suite and a pleasure suite.
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Re: Augmentation packages
This I like. Admittedly, I haven't delved that deep into the actual game mechanics of Eclipse Phase because I'm just damned engrossed with the setting and backgroun info. Should it be a warning sign for a game designer that their campaign setting impedes gameplay because it's so easy to speculate and daydream about? Anyway, I haven't much to add in terms of game rules interpretation, but I do like where you are going with this. I'm a big fan of 'templates' for speeding up character generation and gameplay. When I do get a masterly of the game mechanics, I'm planning on creating an Olympian variant called a 'Hoplite' for a Titatian adhoc militia. I may have to borrow from your suite suggestions.

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Re: Augmentation packages
Thumbs up for this initiative!
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Re: Augmentation packages
IMO Medichines need to be in the military suite also. at the same price. At 250¢ medichines ought to just come with every morph they're almost as usefull as a cortical stack. Edit: the adrenal boost isn't likely to be very usefull in game play without Endocrine Control unless the GM is a realy nice guy. Endocrine control, with immunity to fear hunger etc. makes good sence in a military suite also. Definitely a good idea. They would be even cooler if they were available with brand names and slightly diferent cred costs from named corps like Skinthetic.

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Re: Augmentation packages
I'm still working through the book but as an add on item you might include rep cost, legalities, and package level availibility for the GM's who want to use it as well.