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Audio file of the rules

I just wanted to toss the idea out there to see if anyone else thought this would be useful. I would love to have an audio book version of the rules. I love my dead tree format and wouldn't trade it for any other format I've come across, but as time goes on, I do find myself with more opportunities to listen to an MP3 instead of a book. At work, when I'm working hard at being the most productive employee possible, I'd enjoy learning how to play the game. While on the bus that is jam packed full so I cannot sit and take out a book, I'd love to review some of the rules on character creation. While I'm on the treadmill at the gym, I'd like to be able to review combat rules for the game that I'm either playing or about to run. Maybe I'm the only one in the world that would want this feature though... Maybe I'll have to record me reading the book to myself.

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Re: Audio file of the rules

I actually had the same idea.
It's probably easier to get people excited about an audio version of the parts describing the word ("A Time of Eclipse"). And "Lack".
Do we have speakers, that volunteer?

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Re: Audio file of the rules

I would be interested in working on a reading of Lack...

I have considered running the extracted text of the corebook through a copy of Festival to turn it into an audiobook, though I do not know how well that would work. A few friends of mine who are interested in the game are visually impaired to one degree or another, thus making it difficult to read the book, and it might be a worthwhile project to more than just them.

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Re: Audio file of the rules

Someone needs to show this game to James Earl Jones, and see if he'd be interested in some pro-bono work.

I will also accept EP narration by Christopher Walken and Clint Eastwood, but I will adamantly protest if it is done by Gilbert Gottfried or the lead singer from The Darkness.

Transhumans will one day be the Luddites of the posthuman age.

Help me get my gaming fix, if you want.

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Re: Audio file of the rules

I fed a part of the book to festival tts and here is the result:

would anyone be willing to listen to parts of the book sounding like that?

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Re: Audio file of the rules

I've got a mic that's fairly high quality and have been told that I have a sexy voice. I could read the rulebook into MP3 format!

I'll make a sample out of Lack and put it up later today.

EDIT: Okay, i've been fiddling, making audio books is a LOT harder than it seems. Flubs, retakes, and so on...ugh. Its remarkably easy for your eyes to go faster than your voice, or to speak too quick...or...any number of other problems.