[Asking for help] Firewall FUUBAR Cache

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[Asking for help] Firewall FUUBAR Cache
I was tasked by my GM to create a Firewall cache of goodies designed as a backup for major x-risk scenarios, by the backup clique of Firewall. The most likely scenario is a planetary or regional exurgent infection, or TITAN warmachine excursion from Martian TQZ. I ask you for useful HOMEBREWed gadgets, armor mods and other gear that can be stashed in the cache by paranoid backup faction. If you have other suggestions about items in the books please, make them. I know I need lots of plasma and EMP grenades. Requirements: 1.Everything has to fit in one room/small garage. 2.Everything has to be possible to smuggle in by a lonely morph. 3.Exurgent strains of all kinds can be encountered. 4.Shit hit the fan in a really, really bad way.
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The absolute most bang-for
The absolute most bang-for-your-buck, in terms of portability and utility, is one or two Specialized Nanohives that produce Protean Swarms that themselves produce a Desktop CM; and a big storage block containing epic craptons of nanofabricator blueprints, including the tested way to rapidly go from a Desktop CM to a larger nanofab, to an industrial nanofab. Add some Guardian nanoswarm generators to keep things safe and some kind of inflatable shelter to create a stable place to build your first nanofabbers, round out with some small arms and explosives; digging explosives would be just as useful as combat explosives, depending on the area, since you could go dig into a hillside, and don't forget to throw in a few RTG batteries to power it all. You may also need to include some feedstock of the rarer elements, at least the stuff you'll need to produce a CM or two. If you're in the middle of a full-on freakout and don't have the time for setting up the nanofabrication you need to deal with things, then chances are that the time for anything except mass destruction has passed, so a nuke or an antimatter bomb is probably your best bet.
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I will include a digbot.
I will include a digbot. So far our GM was pretty stingy with nanofabrication. Maybe if shit really hits the fan, he would allow the protean swarm to produce a cornucopia machine. I suppose it would include requirements for some rare elements. I thought on homebrewing a version of TacNet that doesn't change your sentinels into walking feeding spots for digital exurgent virus.
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As a backup faction, I would
As a backup faction, I would include a neutrino farcaster as a last ditch getaway to someplace far away. If you can't have nanofab at the hideout, then I would have access materials for someplace close by that does have nanofab capabilities. Wobbly cats are nice to have. Suborning hive. Large weapons, dealer's choice. Blueprints. Transportation of some kind. Counter-measures of all kinds. Cloaks. Skillsofts. Lots of echos to use and throwaway. Specialist AIs of all shades/forks of very smart people. Armor. Forms of payment. Infection scanner. Skipjacking routes to important locations (like other cache pots). that's what I got off the top of my head anyway.
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Seekers. Lots of seekers.
http://www.orionsarm.com/eg-article/4bd8a4da46165 Possibly a Martian pickup truck with a tonneau cover (jettisonable with explosive bolts) concealing a vertical launch system full of seekers. All of them use a fleck of antimatter, a speck of natural unenhanced uranium, and a teeeeny tiiiiny little Teller-Ulam hydrogen bomb to produce yields more comparable to a JDAM or MOAB than a micromissile, even a plasmaburst one. The facility may be built on top of a buried nuke basically the size of the rest of the facility. Just in case. If it was me designing the seekers, the launch system plugs into the user with its own skinlink system, and missiles are guided by vapor forks scraped from the stack at time of firing, containing the user's intent, target priority, and abort conditions, and are fired by intent, allowing one to focus on not losing the vehicle.