Artwork credit (2E & Rimward)

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Artwork credit (2E & Rimward)
"We'd like to see our artists get credit if their artwork is re-used", sayeth the license page. However it seems to be sadly out of date. Is there any way to find the correct attribution for artwork in the newer books? In particular, looking for JINX (the neo-cockatoo, 2nd Ed sample chars, page 91) The Holy See (Rimward, page 36) - my EP Campaigns (in Finnish, mostly)
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I checked to see if there
I checked to see if there were hack packs for the books you mention but I don't think so (the hack packs have all the images in the books with individual credits).
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Jinx is by Lie Setiawan.
Jinx is by Lie Setiawan. Space Pope is by Tariq Hassan. Thanks for asking, dare! I am ... slowly ... working on a giant metadata update for EP art, which should make it a lot easier to publish a list of all the artists and their pieces. And some new Hack Packs, too!