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Armour Damage

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Armour Damage

The systems for repairing synths and objects include a section about repairing armour.

I am unable to see any mention of rules elsewhere in the book about armour damage, so I got to thinking.

The called shot rules allow armour to be bypassed if there is a vulnerability that could logically be exploited, and it seems to me that this would include damage resulting from previous attacks.

My logic is that any attack that negated armour with Armour Piercing most likely put a hole in the armour (especially in the case of kinetic attacks), leaving a vulnerability to be exploited even if the armour is usually all-encompassing.

I got to thinking further. What if a large chunk of armour would realistically have been torn off? or, in other circumstances, a character only had a chance to don his armoured trousers before joining the fray and his top half is naked?

My decision is that I will be tracking this by reducing the MoS required to bypass armour with a called shot if there is a realistic probability that a percentage of the armour is missing or ineffective.

In the case of my half-naked morph, I would reduce the MoS from 30 to 15 for example, to reflect that he is literally only half-armoured.

Likewise, someone who has already taken three sets of fully auto burst fire to the chest likely has 25% less armour realistically speaking, and therefore I might reduce the MoS from 30 to 22 for a called shot to bypass the armour.

I prefer this system to the idea of actually reducing the armour value as it requires the attacker to intelligently use the vulnerabilities that have developed and encourages description.

Do any of you have thoughts on this idea, or other systems for modelling armour damage?

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I think this is an

I think this is an interesting way of doing it. And yeah, armour damage needs to be implemented some way or the other.

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Re: Armour Damage
What about hacking someone's powered armor and commanding it to eject the occupant? That would not only stop combat pretty fast, but it would also make people reconsider starting a brawl. :)