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Armor Layers

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The Hooded Boy The Hooded Boy's picture
Armor Layers
Hey, quick question: Does wearing smart clothing on-top of armor cause the -20 penalty or because it isn't armor does it cause no penalty?
Tyrnis Tyrnis's picture
Re: Armor Layers
Ordinary smart clothing isn't armor, so doesn't count for the penalty. Smart vac or armor clothing are the only types of clothing you should have to worry about for adding the layering penalty to worn armor.
Xagroth Xagroth's picture
Re: Armor Layers
If you look the core book, each piece of armor that doesn't count as a layer explicitely says it. Second Skin, Smart Clothing and bioweave armor don't count as layers, so you can then put something else. This is to compensate for the armor a synthmorph can get (16/16 plus base...), and it's a consolation price. For maximun "light armor" protection, I'd suggest those three, the 10/10 police armor, the helmet and the riot shield. You can get more than 20/20 with that, at the cost of being more than conspicous ^^
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Re: Armor Layers
Xagroth's comment should just be included as an insert in every print edition of core and as a layer for the pdfs. It'll save so many pcs resleeving costs for their first character.
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