Armitage-class synthmorph

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Armitage-class synthmorph

This nasty little surprise was cooked up by Eclipse Robotics, an extropian robotics design hypercorp, after a movie marathon. (If you have watched Terminator 3, you'll know what this morph concept is about). The Stats are pretty much Stetson-Harrison guesstimates. Any comments?

The Name is a reference to _Armitage III_, but you should know that already...


Armitage-class synthmorph

One of the flagship products of Eclipse Robotics, Armitages are used in wide variety of purposes. Carefully concealed with Synth Mask and fully indistinguishable from normal biomorph without invasive probing, it's main use is in infiltration, especially in situations where it's possible that the whole thing could be wrapped up nonviolently, there is considerable potential for violence and when Reaper morph (which can usually handle an Armitage without serious problems) would simply draw too much attention and harassment.

Apparent humanity that can explode into inhumanly fast and powerful violence without any warning is Armitage's classic trademark.

The Potent capabilities of this morph have made many people to claim Armitage as "Terminatrix" and made it illegal in many jurisdictions; it's ability to avoid detection by low-to-mid level security hasn't helped this reputation. Generally, if this morph gets involved in anything violent and the police identifies it, the SOP is to call in the big guns, shoot first and interrogate your cortical stack later.

The Armitage is very much a niche market product, which is reflected in it's licensing costs although those are expected to drop drastically after design costs and reasonable profit margin have been covered. It's main users are criminals, wide variety of shady operators, ideologicals (Armitage is one of the most important competitors for high-end Steel Morph variants) and people with exotic tastes.


Mobility System: Walker 4/20

Aptitude Maximum: 35

Durability: 40 (50 with structural enhancement)

Wound Treshold: 8 (10 with structural enhancement)

Advantages: +5 Som, +10 Ref (+20 with Reflex Booster), +5 Coo, +5 to other attribute of players choice, Armor 14/12

CP Cost: 80

Credit Cost: Expensive (Minimum 50,000+)



Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Eidetic Memory, Mnemonic Augmentation, Dead Switch, Direction Sense, Echolocation, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced Vision, Math Boost, Anti-Glare, Electrical Sense, Radiation Sense, T-Ray Emitter, Multi Tasking, Mental Speed, Nanophages, Oracles, Skinflex, Skinlink, Medichines, Guardian nano, Self-Healing Light Combat Armor, Pneumatic Limbs, Structural Enhancement, Chemical Sniffer, Covert Operations Tool, Weapon Mount (Articulated) x4 OR Hidden compartment (see below).


Armitage contains "slots" for various nanobot hives that user can easily swap as needed and the morph itself has a channel network to allow nanites to move easily inside the body.

Medichines and Guardian Nano come as standard and are included in original price. Eclipse Robotics strongly recommends users to not swap or remove those, as they're necessary for morph's proper functioning. (If some idiot player insists, GM is encouraged to think fiendish malfunctions that rapidly start cropping up...)

Other Notes

*Light Combat Armor is integrated with the Synth Mask, Skinflex and Self-Healing Systems in a groundbreaking and unique way that is integral to the technology. None of these features can be removed from an Armitage without removing all of them and leaving a skeletal synth. Theoretically you might design and install other versions, but ER licensing would prohibit you from calling the product "Armitage" any longer.

*Armitage doesn't need clothing: It's armor/synthmask/skinflex combo can emulate a wide variety of outfits from library and more designs can be added as needed.

*Prehensile Feet, Fractal Digits and weapons for Weapon Mounts are available as a hot-swappable plug-in replacements. Eclipse Robotics is working on integrating these features in "multifunction morphing" way in some future versions.

*The Weapon Mounts are basically concealed inside limbs, one for each limb. The Contents of thise mounts can be easily hot-swapped, if they conform to specs available in manual. Popular loadouts include cyberclaws and/or railgun pistol for hands (mount specs include power conduit that draws on morph's primary power source) and some people mount heavier weaponry inside legs (eg. particle beam bolter). Of course, you don't have to install anything... The Empty sockets can easily be used as hidden compartments, if necessary.

*The Cyberbrain of the morph is integrated (ie. you cannot remove any of the enhancements) and distributed across the entire morph. It is grossly overengineered and designed to function with large amounts of battle damage. This feature alone makes Armitage mildly dubious in many habitats with their paranoia regarding Seed AI:s. Eclipse Robotics comments that this overcapacity is necessitated by the damage resistance specifications and far too small to host a Seed AI anyway. The Cyberbrain system can physically isolate and cut off nodes that get corrupted (eg. via nano).

*The Dead Switch is an integral part of the cyberbrain design that also slags the entire cyberbrain and can be internally triggered by the ego. Unlike emergency farcaster (which can be installed separately), this system doesn't use antimatter which makes it more acceptable for various polities (and standard gamma detectors useless). The Morph will be non-recoverable except as recyclable material after this feature is triggered.

*Mental Speed and multitasking are not compatible, as per rulebook. When one is being used, another is offline.