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Are prehensile feet really intended to make you move slower in microgravity?

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Are prehensile feet really intended to make you move slower in microgravity?
According to page 231, "If you are climbing, pulling, or pushing yourself along in micrograv, you move at half your walker Movement Rate (i.e., 4/20 becomes 2/10). You can also jump any distance, though you cross at a rate equal to your movement action when you launched." Prehensile feet reduce base walker movement from 4/20 to 4/12 and are a standard feature of the Bouncer morphs (which simply include the modifier and have Walker 4/12). These morphs are intended for optimal use in micrograv, so why do they move slower in such conditions than flats and many other morphs? Should the prehensile feet ware say that the speed reduction does not apply in microgravity? Or, perhaps they should instead allow full movement in micrograv (so 4/12 compared to 2/10)?
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I'd say it would depend on
I'd say it would depend on the surface along which they are moving. A flat smooth surface may be problematic for prehensile feet as while instinctively trying to grab, the foot would tend to curl, pushing off more than a flatter foot might. However, if there are rungs, grooves, or other surfaces suitable for grasping, prehensile feet would not only be faster, but also more versatile. For instance, without them you may be forced to use both arms to pull yourself along, but with them, you can move along with just your feet leaving your hands free. Alternatively, you could use hands and feet to move and could very well move much faster and with much more control than a typical human-like biomorph. Just don't challenge an octomorph to a race and you should be fine. I don't ever take rpg rules as gospel, inflexible and rigid. I consider them more as guidelines, suggestions, and best practices. If a rule doesn't make sense to me, I just change it. If a situation conflicts with a rule, I adjust it for that situation. House rules, as they are called, allow you to run the game as you envision it.
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Most people are not running
Most people are not running around all the time doing... err running. Most people would be using their walk speed, so their running speed wouldn't come up often. That said, bouncers and micrograv habitats could have their relationship explained better.
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Prehensible feet just give a
Prehensible feet just give a bonus to zero G operations for me ...
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