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AR and TacNets

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AR and TacNets
Killer Spambots say:
Spam Mist: Everyone within mesh range suffers a −30 Perception modifier due to AR spam overload. This may be cleared with an Interfacing Test at −30, but will return after 10 minutes as the spam compensates for the filtering; see Traffic Filters and Mist, p. 248, EP. Alternatively, AR may be turned off, but this will disable tacnets and hinder other gear.
So does that mean that if a team goes into a habitat or location with all of their gear quiet, they don't get TacNet? Is it just my players or do all Sentinels constantly go radio silent the moment something looks wrong? Like the digital virus seems completely useless because they are paranoid AF.
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Yes, that does seem to be the
Yes, that does seem to be the case. I find that sentinels tend to turn all of their radios off, and then turn them back on one by one as they need to most of the time. Sometimes long range communications are really important.
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It's somewhat entertaining
It's somewhat entertaining how fast players go full deafmute. For extra fun, give them a hint that a basilisk hack might be around and watch them try to navigate using a 16x16 pixel camera!
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Basilisk Hacks raised the
Basilisk Hacks raised the question about faraday mods on Armor some time ago.
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My guys and gals all invested
My guys and gals all invested in microwave and laser point to point; their SOP is to maintain their tacnet as a completely separate network that relies on LOS between team members. Sometimes people fall out of contact, but it means they're basically invulnerable to hacking and digital exsurgent attacks when they decide to go dark. Finding ways to kill 'em is a challenge, sometimes.