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Anyone play with a virtual tabletop?

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shakespear shakespear's picture
Anyone play with a virtual tabletop?
I just picked up Fantasy Grounds and would love a EP mod..
http://chanceofgaming.com/ Chance of Gaming Podcast
Maddogcharlie Maddogcharlie's picture
Any news on how Fantasy Grounds worked out for you guys ?
Was looking into FantasyG and wondered how well it worked. Pricey but worth it ? Post is a few years old, so someone chime in if they are using anything better for distance groups in a Virtual Table Top. I heard Skype screenshare and Google Docs have worked for some groups. Thx
Maddogcharlie Maddogcharlie's picture
roll20 vs fantasy grounds
I tried both, turns out roll20 has Eclipse character sheets. Much prefer the ease of use of roll20 too. Though the GM has to invest some time in getting used to the functions in either system. Also roll20 doesnt require port forwarding or anything too technical for the GM or players.