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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Romero....

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Romero....
Finally cracked and got the pdf as well as the dead tree so as to play EP ASAP. As per personal tradition, I'm going to run a "Halloween Adventure" on the cusp of my favorite upcoming Holiday and I'm thinking everybody's beloved decomposed everyman... the zombie! So now I'm chewing on (figuratively speaking) ideas concerning how to bring in and run the living dead in a universe with powerful weapons, plenty of wierdness to begin with, AND the problem that death isn't entirely what it used to be... any thoughts out there as how you would make it live?
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Neal Asher
One of Neal Asher's Polity novels deals with a dead operative, kept functional by machines and software... ...Who uses nanomachines to return him to life. Also, nanomachine re-animated dead people are stumbling around in one of the TORG sourcebooks [can't remember which one, but probably Tharkold]

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A week in Terradise
You never thought you'd have enough rep in this lifetime for a week in Terradise, the habitat at optimum orbit for relaxation and rays. Yet here you are on one of the most beautiful beaches spinning Sol with some of the hottest sculpts to grace these perfectly fabricated sands. OK, so you're ego guarding a bunch of buffins on their vacation away from Xenophobia, but that's not going to get between you and a little fun, is it? A group of perfects passes by, one of them glancing over her shoulder at you, obviously admiring your mil-spec materials. You smile back at her, already thinking of slipping away. A shadow crosses over her face and the beach, like an asteroid eclipsing the station, giving her face an oddly sinister twist. Her lips move shaping the words in an unuttered: help me. Then her flesh begins to melt away. That's when the screams start to sound circumambient.

Rethink Resleeve Redo

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It's really dealer's choice

It's really dealer's choice on this one. Could be another experiment like the lost, could be nanotech, could be biotech (making it a virus is practically a tradition, neh?), could be a new model of pod gone wrong, could be anything.
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Re: It's really dealer's choice

Having the pandora gates and alien contact such as the factors and the iktomi ruins, makes it easy to inspire from things like the Dead Space videogame or the Event Horizon film