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Any online games short a player these days?

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Googleshng Googleshng's picture
Any online games short a player these days?
I've had EP on the brain quite a lot lately, and have a couple character ideas floating about, but can't pull a group together. So shot in the dark, but if anyone has a game they're running via IRC/Maptool/Skype/PBP/etc. that could stand an extra character, or is getting a new game going, or is inspired by seeing this to dust off a game from half a year ago where everyone wandered off, throw me a message or reply to this. Generally speaking I have a flexible enough schedule to be available anywhere from 3 PM-5 AM eastern, every day but Sat.
NJMechWerks NJMechWerks's picture
Weekend Game
I'm down for a Friday night game, after 8 PM.
Googleshng Googleshng's picture
Is that an offer to run one,
Is that an offer to run one, or just also throwing your hat into the prospective player pool here?
NJMechWerks NJMechWerks's picture
I'd prefer to play as I'm GM'ing a face to face campaign, but if there are enough people, I can run something.
Tyrnis Tyrnis's picture
I'll add myself to the
I'll add myself to the potentially interested pool, though more as a player than a GM.
Alethea Alethea's picture
Also interested
I too would like to play and am having trouble finding local folks. I'm new to Eclipse Phase but not RPGs in general. I've got a couple character concepts floating around and practice generating characters in ShadowRun so I think I'd be able to pull them together in Eclipse Phase, but really wouldn't mind someone taking a look before a game gets started.
Googleshng Googleshng's picture
Well, that's a decent count
Well, that's a decent count of people then if someone wants to put on their GM hat.
jfe168 jfe168's picture
did this get going?
like it says..this ever move forward??
Googleshng Googleshng's picture
Well, I'm still gameless, so
Well, I'm still gameless, so if anyone DID put their GM hat on and sweep through here they missed me.
geckopirateship geckopirateship's picture
I'd be up for this, if a GM
I'd be up for this, if a GM is ever found.
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