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Another take on Reputation and Favors

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Another take on Reputation and Favors
My players have been complaining about the reputation rules, and after what I've seen of digg, slashdot, private torrent sites and the like, I decided to write up a quick system that's more similar to what exists in real life. This system is also meant to encourage more favor-calling, rather than just using reputation as some kind of e-dick-measurer like GamerScore or what have you. The tens place of a reputation number is added as a bonus to networking checks. - Example: Having a c-rep of 60 will give a +6% bonus to Networking: Hypercorps checks in which reputation could be important Successfully calling in a favor automatically burns an amount of rep equal to the favor level. On the plus side, under these house rules, favors no longer have any refresh rates, so you can use reputation as a sort of currency. It's also possible that a favor may require reputation to be completely given to the other person, rather than just burned. A networking test can be made to recommend that another person be given new reputation points. This has a negative modifier equal to the amount of reputation involved, times ten. For example, posting a message on an argonaut scientific network that someone should be modded "+2" for her work will require a Networking: Argonauts or Networking: Scientists check with a penalty of -20. In any case, characters also suffer additional penalties for doing this more frequently, since they are probably given a finite quantity of "mod points" or "karma" or whatever it's called. This is probably also dependent on the exact nature of a reputation network. CivicNet might only grant the privilege of 1 mod point per month, while Fame might grant 5 mod points per day. Mod points might also be purchased, or bribed out of the officials, with credits. Private torrent sites do not give mod points to common users at all - they have to slowly claw their way up through good ratios or by getting involved with special resources that are designated "free" by the moderators in order to build up their reputation. If the character is a moderator or administrator of such a network, she gains a flat bonus of +10 to tests to mod people up or down, and has at least 25% more mod points than a normal person, i.e. modding people "+1" is a base networking test. Most networks probably understand that it is not a good idea for moderators and administrators to have potential conflicts of interest, and therefore may do some extra policing (+10 to networking tests to discover modding actions), although other networks, such as Guangxi, might actively encourage the idea that the heads of crime families or whatever should also be the administrators of the rep network.

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Re: Another take on Reputation and Favors
I like them. They're simple and intuitive. I would say slim them down and submit them to the Eye for them to publish.