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Another dude that wants help for his campaing ;)

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Another dude that wants help for his campaing ;)
Hi guys! I'm gonna start an EP game soon (around next Wednesday) and while I have a broad idea for a first adventure/campaign, I'm looking for more ideas and ways to make it more interesting and "tighter". I plan on starting the game on Mars, as the diverse setting there is very useful. They would probably start on a Martian habitat in the surface, not a very big one or extremely important one, close to the outback, but still urban none the less, so I can take them to the outback or the big cities without much traveling. My players are going to consist in the following: - A Lunar hyperelite that came among his wealth by working as a "problem solver" for the Go-nin hypercorp. He's more of a spy/saboteur than an assassin, and his character is crafted along those lines. - The weird guy of the group, we came up with some special background for him. He's a side product of the "lost" generation which dealt with similar principles but applied them to uplifts, basically, he's a psi owl. The results where pretty much the same as the project was also contaminated by the exsurgent virus. In regards to skills he is the psiker/scientist of the group, and also a bit of a psychiatrist (but he mostly works on himself as he is aware of he's derangements). He has friends in the argonauts but he is not a member of them himself, but he's balancing on the fence. - The last guy is a drifter from Titan, a staunch survivalist and a convinced commie fanatic (he speaks German, Russian and Chinese fluently among others, so he could read in their original forms the works of the fathers of communism). He is also a member of the Titan reserve militia, and has some combat experience defending autonomist habitats from the hypercorps, his specialty are long range precision rifles. He is somewhere between an explorer and a cowboy skill wise, pretty much the combat buff of the group (though not entirely combat oriented). A bit unstable also. The campaign is going to deal with the following: an eminent Argonaut psycho-surgeon and fork merging expert is going to develop safer but more time consuming and deep methods of fork merging, making possible for two different individuals to merge their delta and even beta level forks, creating a separate and functional ego. The original purpose of this is to let infomorph VR communities in specialized habitats to have something akin to reproduction, but some hypercorps are funding some of the research as they see potential in it to augment quickly their consumer and worker bases. However several groups see it with a mix of horror and disgust (I see it somewhat similar with embryo selection and experimentation) and are planing to have the scientist murdered and his work not only destroyed but contaminated with a powerful ego hunting virus that will utterly destroy anyone linked to the research. Of course, the leader of said terrorist group, to develop said virus, has dabbled in forbidden tech and TITAN designs, contaminating his work with an exsurgent variant. Firewall has found out about the infection by one of it's spies but it's sentinels in Mars are busy at the moment so they need a new cell, they already have a proxy on standby. My doubts are the following: - How to bring the group together and make them aware of firewall and the implications of it? - Since it will be a "first adventure", some tutorial like events would be welcome, but I'm unsure as how to integrate them with the game. - How would you design the "bad guys" for the game?, I'm talking of general, disposable NPCs, that I could throw at them at a moment notice so that they stay on their toes. Thanks everyone!
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Re: Another dude that wants help for his campaing ;)
players that come together with individually made characters are always a problem. its especially troubling to me, since thats the way most gamers i've met expect to play. "oh, ive made this random anti-social asshole with a unique background, and you have to integrate it into your campaign". the characters youre working with actually sound pretty cool, and you should have a good game there. sometimes its easier to introduce them through some sort of small crisis that pits them together and removes the ability to "just walk away" and go back to whatever background roots they may have. this crisis doesnt have to be immediatly related to the plot, maybe theyre all on a spaceship together traveling between habs, or maybe therye trapped in a building planetside, or traveling on an airship that is shotdown or hijacked or whatever lame action movie contrivance you like. if you're really cool, you can have an actual integrated plot with one character or group of characters being hired to somehow aid or protect another character or group, or maybe even have them working at cross purposes but having to come together when theyre set up by their employers or something. things can often go horribly wrong when you try to get fancy like that. just have to know your players, and be able to guess how they will react to curveballs. and be able to think on your feet when it turns out you were wrong.