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Android App - Info and Permissions

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Android App - Info and Permissions
Hi to all, I'm a Junior Android Developer certified with an Android Basic Nanodegree by Google. I'd like to create, to increase and keep my skills in mind, an Android App for Character Generation and Sheet Management. I love Eclipse Phase RPG and I think that a good App could be useful to players and Masters. My basic idea comes out from the sentence:
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Essentially the Android Phone or Tablet will be the Morph while Character Sheet will be the Ego. Working on Multiple Device Support and Android SDKs I'd like to grant to the Players a different User Experience according to the selected Morph in game. For Example, a player that uses always a Case as morph will never exceed an API 10 (Android 2) and "services" will be very limited. As morph increase in quality, the same will happen to the User Experience (Sounds, Graphic Support, Resource Use, Fragments and Customizations). What player should be able to do with this App? [list=1] [*]Create and Save Ego stats [*]Create life details (Factions, Life Style,...) [*]Select a Morph [*]Equip the Morph [*]Manage other useful stats (PSI, REPs, CRED...) [*]Manage multiple Morphs [*]Manage Muses [*]Manage Forks [*]Manage MESH [*]... much more [/list] In the beginning, it will be available for EP first Edition but I hope to have the chance to insert a conversion EP1toEP2 too as part of future updates or a New Logic to create EP2 Characters. Creative Commons License According to Eclipse Phase Creative Commons License, the App will be finally released on Google Play Store for Free and with all Attributions but I have a question about Noncommercial topic. Donations buttons on a page like GitHub or Blogger can be allowed with a Noncommercial CC as Developer support? Wait for your suggestions and comments. Best Regards
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