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And that New Guy

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And that New Guy
Greetings and Salutations from the Island Continent. I've been following EC for ages but have never managed to convince my fellow gamers to give it a spin. In in the end I just dropped a Basilisk hack on my website and they've finally converted to the cause. Right now I'm looking for any and all advice you ladies/gentleman/those yet to decide could give me in regards to being a very green EC DM. I've been DM'ing for over a decade now, mostly D&d with a splash of WoD, d20 Future and WH40k/Fantasy. Any do's/don'ts and other great tips/hints on how not to make a complete and utter muppet of myself would be greatly appreciated.
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Small nitpick: EP DM, not EC
Small nitpick: EP DM, not EC :D The Ultimate Rule is to Have Fun :D
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Read more, life is weird.
Even if you aren't interested in science... this game will suck you into looking at all sorts of bleeding edge stuff. You might not think programming rat brains is a fascinating field of research now.... give it 6-months on this forum and you will.
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NewAgeOfPower wrote:Small
NewAgeOfPower wrote:
Small nitpick: EP DM, not EC :D
Smaller nitpick: EP GM, not DM :P
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A Rose by any other name
Heh DM, GM, Storyteller, Grand High Poobah, that evil b*stard, it all fits ;) . And yeah woops, EP not EC (herp de derp). Oh and I do enjoy science, though programming rat brains doesn't intrigue me as much as fabbing [url=http://www.kurzweilai.net/the-chemputer-that-could-print-out-any-drug]pr... drugs[/url] on the fly.
"God does not play dice" -Albert Einstein "Einstein would turn over in his grave. Not only does God play dice, the dice are loaded" -Chairman Sheng-Ji Yang Alpha Centauri
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Fabbing stuff
Well, all sorts of gob-smacking information is generally freely available on this website.
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I think there has been
I think there has been several advice threads in previous threads, maybe somebody could tie together a bouquet of links to them? My main advice is to start out gently, yet right in the middle of transhuman weirdness. Show the players just how strange the world has become, yet do it in a fairly "safe" environment where they can gradually be introduced to the really wild aspects like resleeving, forking and rep economics. I think I described it earlier, but I did one intro adventure that started with the PCs getting restored from pre-Fall backups. They got a rough description of the world from a benefactor, set out - and got immediately killed... only to wake up resleeved at a hospital, with a bored policeman trying to figure out the cause of the "vandalism". Then they got a chance to select enhancements, go out into a town, and gradually get involved in the bigger world. Current state (it is a bit on hold) involves space travel and meeting some of the more radical factions.
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Biggest game-breaking mistake
Biggest game-breaking mistake I've seen a GM make was not reading the fray rules carefully and using full fray against ranged weapons, leading to characters matrix dodging all attacks. Read the fray rules carefully.
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Here are some recommendations
Here are some recommendations I would give to starting GMs. [list=1][*]Don't sweat the rules too much right now. The first few sessions are a learning experience for the whole table. Don't spend too much time flipping through the books; make a quick judgment call and keep the game moving. If it's too tough to judge easily, pick the decision that favors the players. Keep it fast and fun… you can get deeper into the rules once everyones comfortable with the game as a whole. [*]Recommend that your players get extra Moxie for their characters. Moxie makes up for bad rolls and character decisions very well. Also recommend the Common Sense trait; it's a great excuse for you to give your players recommendations… like when they should be running instead of fighting. [*]Don't try too hard at introducing the whole setting to your players at once. Break it up and introduce your players to the whole thing piece by piece (one session let them try out egocasting and using different morphs, the next session let them fight some exsurgents, for example). As a general rule, if you are introducing more concepts in a single game than the quickstart does, you're doing too much. Arguably, if you're introducing as many concepts in a single game as the quickstart does, you might still be doing too much. Also, you might want to try out the quickstart. :D[/list]
Transhumans will one day be the Luddites of the posthuman age. [url=http://bit.ly/2p3wk7c]Help me get my gaming fix, if you want.[/url]
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The platinum rule
Everybody dies. Be careful to help manage expectations about how brutal and brief combat can be (a good example is the sidebar descriptions in the core book - 1 round and one participant is out of action and the other is limping away wounded). Depending on the folks at your table - especially if they're coming from more D&D games than not - it can be rough when players can't always wade into a fight. Happily, the corollary to the rule is that death doesn't matter so much. :) As was stated above, having a party wiped out and then coming to in a body shop is a pretty common introduction to resleeving.
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Just to second what others
Just to second what others have said: TPK's are a story beat, not an ending. I find the biggest challenge is not the mechanics (though hacking always does my head in), but rather the setting - there are so many possible courses of action available to players it can be difficult to successfully cope with the curve balls they inevitably throw your way, yet it can also lead to choice paralysis for players. That being said, the setting is the greatest asset EP has.
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Thanks for the help one and
Thanks for the help one and all! I'm probably going to have to wrap my head around the concept of a TPK being okay, usually that's rather bad in other games I've run. Could be a nice way to dunk my players in some cold water at the start of the game (you're not in D&D Kansas anymore). At this stage I'm cogitating on the best way to introduce the massive infodump without leaving them drowning. It's a bit like trying to gently dole out information on the backstory of WoD... there is no such thing as gentle in that game. Decimator (your avatar looks like Hypnotoad btw, I approve) mentioned double and triple-checking the Fray rules, which I'm literally going to do after finishing this post. Any other huge no-no's I should avoid? Thanks again!
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Another thought: try and come
Another thought: try and come up with a way of streamlining gear and morph acquisition when far casting somewhere, through either plot (only splicers are available on this Jovian hab) or with a system. My players have three character sheets: their preferred morph; their second choice morph; and a splicer (which they are always guarunteed of getting). Their gear lists are split into sections: this is what you can get anywhere; this is only available on anarchist habs/through criminal networks etc. With the TPK thing, I've found I can't GM DnD games (EP is the first RPG I played and GM'd). In DnD you have to design combat encounters so they are challenging but not lethal, I process I find time consuming and stressful. In EP I just design what I think would be a fun encounter, and if they die, they die.
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Hi, PJammaGod welcome.
Hi, PJammaGod welcome. I remmber you from the Eberron boards. -Gilo
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Welcome to the forums.
Welcome to the forums. I'd recommend checking out this character sheet: [url=https://sites.google.com/site/eclipsephases/home/cabinet]Download the .94 version.[/url] Character creation in Eclipse Phase is quite long, and the plethora of options can overwhelm new players. I'd recommend using pre-statted characters for your first session, although the generator can be very useful in the future and speed things up immensely.
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