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Ancient and not so ancient Artifacts

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Ancient and not so ancient Artifacts
What are yours? Pandora gates and Dyson Sphere excluded of course. (others from canon EP if I'm missing them). I have a "jump gate" network that was discovered, less Mass Effect and more space fold network that isn't working up to snuff. Missing ships and returning damaged and all that. I also have a "ringworld" network that functions a bit like Halo habitats but seem to be more like mobile research labs for whatever left them behind. One can travel to and from any other ring-hab almost instantly using its travel network and there are literally thousands of destinations found in catalog. For whatever reason this network is only usable by transhumans in flat morphs, anything else seems to not be recognized or compatible.
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Recently came across a fan
Recently came across a fan made savage worlds write up for a stalker game. Based on novel Roadside Picnic. It has an interesting chapter on creating alien artifacts. PDF Is here http://stalkersavageworlds.blogspot.com/
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