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Alternative names for jamming

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DivineWrath DivineWrath's picture
Alternative names for jamming
For Eclipse Phase, the name for remote controlling robots is jamming. However, this name conflicts with other uses of jamming, such as jamming radio signals. I'm here to suggest alternatives to name jamming in regards to remote controlling robots. Ghosting. For example, "I hacked into and ghosted their drone.". Jacking. Hijack, jack in, jacked, etc. For example, "I took out the enemy when I jacked their drone.". Any thoughts? I would like to hear them.
Chernoborg Chernoborg's picture
A few options...
I've been partial to "jockey" as in Bot Jockey. Or maybe "riding" ...I bet that would be popular in Legba, with operators referring to themselves as Loa . For a bit of retro style maybe some variation of "teleoperate". Let's bring "telly" into the future!
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CordialUltimate2 CordialUltimate2's picture
In our half-English rpg lingo
In our half-English rpg lingo we just use the word "jamming" and several strange declinations of English word "jam" to describe controlling robots while at the same time using our native tongue word to describe other meanings of jamming. It is really strange to listen to especially with all the other words flying around. Recently a friend of mine was listening to my session of DnD5e (which doesn't have translation to my native tongue). She summed it up as: "I didn't end know what language they were speaking". So RPG lingo can be so so strange.
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GenehackedGynoid GenehackedGynoid's picture
Personally, I'd just take a
Personally, I'd just take a page out of Shadowrun's lingo here and call it "rigging". It's as close as I've seen anything get, and it'll be easily comprehensible if your group happens to play Shadowrun already.
Fishmonger Fishmonger's picture
Not just jamming
Having just started a campaign I like all the variants that people have come up with and will pass it by my players, who have commented on multiple meanings for "jamming". They've also mentioned Firewall/firewalls, TITAN/Titan...
CordialUltimate2 CordialUltimate2's picture
Firewall is sometimes
Firewall is sometimes referred as the Org or simply Them, They ;-) (in my game) To differentiate the Titanians we call them crazy technocommunist scum ;-)
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Chaotic-nipple Chaotic-nipple's picture
Personally, I would leave the
Personally, I would leave the term in place as a common usage for the general public, while professional specialists lament the ambiguity and constantly try to get alernate terms to catch on: "jocking" for jockeying, "telpering" for tele-presence, etc. Alas, the general public persists in its ignorance and the professionals are left with the same frustration that real life military personnel have to deal with when civilians insist on calling a Bradley IFV a "tank" just because it has tracks and a turret. :-p
CoalPoweredPuppet CoalPoweredPuppet's picture
Just throwing out some names: Controlling drone Wearing a swarm Driving a robot Meshed with some drones Rodeo'ing the attack 'bot, or maybe Cowboy'ing it In phase with the device, or phasing with it Puppet has been used in other places, so we could use stringing it
DivineWrath DivineWrath's picture
Thanks for the expanding list
Thanks for the expanding list of suggestions. However, I'm thinking that maybe it should be called teleoperating. Teleops for short. "I teleoped that drone." Teleoperations might be the formal name. Edit: OK. Teleoperations might be an actual thing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teleoperation It seems to cover a range of things, from controlling nearby things like toy cars or surgical robots by remote control to operating things with light speed delay such as a mars rover. It seems that jamming would be a subset of teleoperations. So much for making up a new word :P I got some reading to do...