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Alternative Character Sheet

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Alternative Character Sheet
Hello All, I've spent some time this weekend to write up my own character sheet based on the one handed out for the 2nd Edition Playtest. There are a number of changes that I made on it to reflect house rules my group uses. If you like, please take a copy and test it out. Thanks Note 1. The first change you might notice is that LUC is calculated as WILx3 - Current Stress. Using this sheet players roll against LUC instead of WILLx3 to defend against stress threats. The Insanity Rating was ditched because it was never used. There is a replacement mechanic and I would write more but it gets long winded so I'll save it for another thread. Note 2. Initiative and Dodge (Fray/2) have been moved to Combat. Charges are a house rule used to simplify ammo counting. I have detailed the mechanic in other threads. Note 3. Under skills you will see that Etiquette and Guns, Heavy have been added as skills. Etiquette is to social stealth as Infiltration is to combat stealth. Also describe as hiding in plain sight. I felt that certain guns such as seeker launchers, heavy machine guns, and plasma rifles require enough special training to warrant a skill apart from Guns but don't fit into the Exotic catagory so Guns, Heavy was added. Profession has three slots and Know as six. Note 4. On page 2 I've included a section under Resources for blueprints. PC can carry up to 10 at a time. The rarity column is to note if the blueprint needs any special kind of material like, fissionables, rare earth metals, etc. There is also a place here for credits which the handout seemed to be missing. Note 5. Page 2 also has a small section in the bottom for Backups. The player can add more detail about their backup such as what RP was spent on, what prompted the backup, and last memories.
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