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Alternate Settings

Granted there is a thread similar to this we have all been privy to but this one is a bit more in depth.

I was wondering who all has different campaigns NOT based on most of the canon lore presented in the rule books. Most other threads that deal with this have a grand amount of the vanilla setting ingrained, simply being off shoots or indirect copies of the original content.

I have a campaign where the TITANs never existed but, transhumanity none the less has dwindled and destroyed itself. Anyone else?

"And yet, across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded this Earth with envious eyes. And slowly, and surely, they drew their plans against us."

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I did a long one based off of

I did a long one based off of a pseudo-Shadowrun setting. Mars had its own manafield (and its own, ancient, magical life), and a few individuals managed to harness the manasphere of Jupiter to make it into a super-giant weapon.

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nezumi.hebereke wrote:I did a

nezumi.hebereke wrote:
I did a long one based off of a pseudo-Shadowrun setting. Mars had its own manafield (and its own, ancient, magical life), and a few individuals managed to harness the manasphere of Jupiter to make it into a super-giant weapon.

*shuffles his Shadows of the Eclipse notes* I see we think alike, you and I.


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I was always thinking of more

I was always thinking of more post-apocalyptic setting, where TITANs destroyed/converted far more humanity than in EP, settlements are more sparse and isolated, exsurgent infestations plague much wider areas of Sol System, with TITAN biomechanical forests covering whole areas of the Moon and strange bone like tubes drilling through surface of Mars swarming with insectoid robots.

Transhuman population would be below 100 million and while occasional palaces of luxury and safety would exist, the game would be more focused on survival and trying rebuild some semblance of society in chaotic, exsurgent and bandit ridden Sol System.

Raise your hands to the sky and break the chains. With transhumanism we can smash the matriarchy together.

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I still want to see what the

I still want to see what the Sol System and the locally connected stars look like in a hundred years (AF110) of even five hundred years (510 AF). Should be crazy!!!

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I write stories about the

I write stories about the "Golden Age" of a time that looks like 40-20BF. But it's fairly derivative; concerning the rise of the Hypercorps and coming of the TITANS, and the conversion to digital consciousness. I've got a graphic novel/manga called "Patriot" that I work on occasionally about the development AI like the Promethians and a proto-TITAN, the Patriot System. I've never turned them into adventures or mentioned them here cause they're not really EP. I ignore cannon. (Also I never finish anything.)

In some ways I think the decades just before the singularity are even more compelling than the time of rapid expansion and recovery after. But that could just be because the singularity is hanging over the whole setting waiting to pounce.

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The Jovian Crusade

I have a great alternative campaign. Where the PCs play members of Crusade. They are part of the Jovian Republic.

To fully appreciate this campaign, understand that anyone who calls themselves Transhuman, anyone who's resleeved, is dead. They're gone. Most of them are merely AI's guided by the recorded memories and minds of dead people. Biomorphs are alive, but the poor beggars are not human in the sense that real humans are.

Jovians do not refer to themselves as Transhumans, but Humans. PCs are Flats and Splicers, all without Cortical Stacks. They are highly restricted to all but the highest echelons of the Republic.

Crusade is about promoting Humanity. The campaign is about how the Jovian Republic saves the Human Race. It closes itself off from all Transhuman infiltration, creating a separate Mesh that's impervious to all outside infiltration (with the exception of the TITANs). However, they are not openly antagonistic to Transhumanity. They reduce the tariffs of travel through Jovian Space, but they do not allow Transhumans any means of entry into Jovian habitats. At all.

Crusade is the Jovian equivalent to Firewall. Ironically, both have identical goals. Except one is geared to the survival of Humanity, and the subjugation of non-Humans to Human control.

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Not really an alternate

Not really an alternate setting, but using EP ruleset for something else...

I picked EP and Star Trek Online, made five character sheets with Openoffice (nothing fancy, aside from a photo of each character I took from STO. I needed to make those by hand because it was for spanish-speaking people) and went ahead to go to a mini-GenCon.
Sadly, Fernando Alonso stole a lot of people from that afternoon's activities, but I will take the project to the Enrolados 2012 as an extra activity for the saturday or sunday afternoons (8/9 of december).
Fortunately, I signed on a live roleplaying about an ant colony (a biological-humoristical portrait: the Queen had some trouble producing offspring, the explorer didn't find a lot of food, larvae were dissapearing and some ants were found dead in some corridors, and the neighbor Red Ant colony turned to communism and wanted to "share" it...).