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Altered Carbon-The Takeshi Kovacs Universe

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Altered Carbon-The Takeshi Kovacs Universe
For good cyberpunk-transhuman reference points, check out Richard K. Morgan's books "Altered Carbon", "Broken Angels" and "Woken Furies"; a treasure trove of cybertech human enhancement. In his books, each humans' consciousness is "back up" in a tiny device called a cortical stack, effectively making people immortal. It's a cool concept with tons of ramifications. There's also cool weapons, interesting combat (and sex, let me tell you,) and nanotech that'll scare the bejesus out of you:)

We are not these things we see, but so much more...

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Great book, I have to say I
Great book, I have to say I thought the fairly gratuitous amount of sex went beyond the sci-fi noir standard it was holding itself to and detracted a bit from what was otherwise a brilliant story. But i've noticed the trend of a lot of sci-fi authors to over do the sex when it really doesn't add anything to the story.
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Amen to that brother... Peter
Amen to that brother... Peter F. Hamilton writes some of the most thought-provoking SF I've read in a long, long time... but there are times when he makes Jean M. Auel look repressed.
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Well that might be going a
Well that might be going a bit far. I mean as far as I remember it there was never any explicit neanderthal/homo-sapien rape, nor any over the top pining for the phallus of the main character's lover. It was all pretty tame compared to what Auel concocts in that appalling bad series of hers. I also have never felt that Hamilton has ever inserted himself into his own books the way Auel did with her protagonist.
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True that... I doth stand
True that... I doth stand corrected.