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Altered Carbon Being adapted

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Altered Carbon Being adapted
I didn't expect to see this get adapted any time in the future, at least not in serial form. https://youtu.be/qM7Eob4YFDQ trailer is giving off a body horror vibe to the story but the takeshi kovacs trilogy was never an optimistic one was it?
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I think it would work really
I think it would work really good as a series. The book had a lot of mini-finales and climaxes (literally) so i am looking forward to what they do with it. Hopefully it flows into the mainstream too and makes people more interested in Transhuman media.
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*SIGH* Just watched up to ep;7 and am seriously disappointed. Up to episode seven I was hanging in there. I felt like someone had promised me a steak dinner and then served fish. Ok; this happens with screen adaptations. They screwed up some of the tech which dorked the plot a bit, which ruined primary character motivations. Screen writers rarely understand science and it's application to fiction. It was still an entertaining show. After episode seven I feel more like someone served dog-shit-soup. I can't describe the offensive treatment of the source material without spoilers. If you've read the books (and if you're here why haven't you?) I CANNOT recommend that you watch the series. Writers/Producers took major "creative" license with the plot and elements that make the characters nonsensical and silly. Given the budget that netflix put into this show, and the freedom they would have had to stick to the story as written, I cannot fathom why they chose to screw it up this badly. If you've never read the books you might be moderately entertained.
Spoiler: Highlight to view
My major complaints; (I'm spelling names from memory please be patient) * Virginia Viadura does not exist and her role in the Kovacs story has been rolled into the role of Quelcrist Falconer. This completely eliminates a major role model in the history of the protagonist and the person who most strongly shaped his relationship to women. * Quel is the soulmate love interest of Kovacs. * The Envoys are written as militant hippies created by Quel. Instead of the Protectorate SF that fought Quel * Kovacs sister is written into the present timeline of the story and was also an Envoy. At her appearance in the present timeline of the story the plot is unrecoverable. * In Ep;7 The battle of Inenin, the event that was pivitol in Kovacs' relationship to all humanity, is a sloppy, cursory, nod as a minor issue in an entirely different battle. It's a massively offensive departure from the source material. * Larens Bancroft has an artificial gravity generator in his house. (Yep! The children they had write the screen adaptation went there just so they could show a completely superfluous "0-G knife fight". Worse; the kinetic physics of those scenes were sadly and typically wrong.) Minor issues; * The "SunJet" weapon is turned into a slug thrower. * There is an air strike by airplanes on Harlan's World. This would be a major issue to me but I'm pretty sure they're not going to do the second or third book so never mind the whole point of Harlon's World is that; ANCIENT ALIEN TECH DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO FLY ON HARLAN'S WORLD. * there is a rhinoceros man and a tiger man involved in the cage fight between Kovacs and Kadmin. (also Cadmin's kind of a pussy in this version) * Ortegas a Catholic (for no good reason, everything they wanted to say about that issue was already better written by Morgan in the novel) * Ortega's current partner has been made a debonair Muslim (Also for no good reason.)
Anyhow; Most of the actors did a pretty good job. With the exception of the casting director; I hope every producer and writer involved in the adaptation dies of a bowel disease before they can produce any more crap like this.

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I'll disagree but only because...
I decided not to read the original source material before watching it. I really enjoyed all of it and I liked the twists and turns and philosophy of it all. I give it 5 stars out of the 5 I have to give. Now I'll get around to reading the paper version to see if I enjoy it as much or more. Kindalas
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Made it half way through Ep;9
Made it half way through Ep;9 and just can't stomach any more. IMO; if Leata Kalogridis wanted to write a story then she should have written her own story. It offends me that she shit all over an original work to further an unrelated agenda. Morgan wrote a plot that allowed the protagonist to have a compelling character arch driven by internal motivations and discovery. The novel developed transhuman tropes and turned the cyberpunk 'up to eleven' but carried a subtle subtext of finding one's humanity in a transhuman world. The series just took the ideological battle between Kurzweil (wiki) and Fukuyama (wiki) and used it to railroad the protagonist. It was a ham-handed and ignorant treatment of the subject. Hope Kalogridis gets a flesh-eating bacterial infection in her eyes and dies of colon cancer after her house burns down.

Mea Culpa: My mode of speech can make others feel uninvited to argue or participate. This is the EXACT opposite of what I intend when I post.

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Urgh... I still have to watch
Urgh... I still have to watch it, but for what you see they just juggled things for the sake of juggling things... So exactly why, if the Envoys are not UN troops but Space Hippies Anti-UN, the oligarchs will hire one to investigate the murder? I mean, it's like the Jovian Junta hiring some Ultimates to do some digging in their capital... As for the Quellquist change, WTF? It's like a Wh40k Battle Sister bedding the Emprah :/
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I am up to episode 4 and ya
I am up to episode 4 and ya this went right off the rails at the begging. its would be better if not having read the books a couple years back. I'll watch through the season and tell netflix its only worth 2 stars. it was not all doom and gloom though, I am really enjoying Poe at the very least.
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I really don't get the Netflix AC hatedom
Admittedly I haven't read the book yet, but - looking over OneTrikPony's summary of changes made from the book to the show, I'd say AC probably got off [i]easy[/i] compared to some TV and movie adaptations. One of the things to remember about visual media is that screen time and development budget are usually tightly constrained, and also you can explain things in a book through narration that you sometimes can't organically explain in audiovisual form by showing it. In any case, I liked the show. (I also think wishing bowel disease, cancer, flesh-eating bacteria, and house fires upon the show-runners is pretty disproportionate, even if one does think that the show made a butchery of the book.)