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Altered Carbon

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Altered Carbon
Altered Carbon is like Eclipse Phase and much of the tech is similar with a name change or is named the same.
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If you look at the references
If you look at the references page of the EP core rulebook (p. 394), it'll say that Altered Carbon is one of the novels it uses ideas from.
nostromo1a1 nostromo1a1's picture
its the idea its on Netflix
It's the idea that its something you can see on TV or should I say Netflix in this case that makes it interesting. You get to see a world and ponder the idea's and it also makes great reference for players who ask what's that like. Nice to see it in a context that helps explain it to potential game players.
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Trauma Medicine
In eclipse phase, trauma medicine is a 9mm to the forebrain. I'm watching episode 6, and in ep.5, it's discussed how horrifyingly illegal mass-production of sleeves is… I blanche at my casual assumptions, when playing EP, about the availability of real-feeling robot sleeves on short notice.