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Alpha + Phase


To tell you that there's something new on the other side of the Atlantic

The French have released a fanzine: Alpha + Phase 01 Premier Morphe (Alpha + Phase 01 First Morph)


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Thank you!

I hope you will like it!
we worked really hard to come as close to a professional result.
You'll be happy to know the the second issue is already well into production

We hope to have it finished late next month, but given that pesky li'l thing called real life (tm) we don't have a really firm dead line agenda.
(i.e. for Trans//Media, I have to wait for the PS4 release to test and review Killzone Shadow Fall, and watch Ghost in the Shell Arise's second Border. And that's not counting the playing aid I'm also writing and the continuity editing duties!)

Q U I N C E Y ^_*_^ F O R D E R

Remember The Cant!

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Here is what I get when I try to browse the site
Bunch of errors then...
"Forbidden - Users from your country are not permitted to browse this site."


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I was able to dl the zine but

I was able to dl the zine but since i don't speak french i am lost...just need to get it translated some how so i can read it.