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Alien Pet's

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Alien Pet's
I am just starting a new game of EC, and one of my players used the life path system to make there character. One thing he rolled was the Alien Pet from the Gatecrashing table. Now he is constantly asking what he has. I have been giving it some thought and have to admit I am and a bit of a loss. I was originally going to say he had to leave it behind, but that seems a little cheap. On the other hand, any alien, no matter how "mammalian" looking, would starve to death outside it's biosphere. Has anyone else used the Alien Pet before? I have been thinking of making an upload of an alien or something that lives of something unknown. Thought?
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Alien pets
Well, the food aspect is nothing a good maker can't solve, otherwise there's long time life support that can help. The rest depends on how ready you are to integrate it in the game? Will it just be for flavor or will it help? If the it's latter you might want to either make it something able to fight or track like dogs can or something similar. While the pet can have an alien origin, it's very likely it was given a cybercortex as to be much easier to handle and smarter than most pets normally are.
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Scurried. If it's similar
Scurried. If it's similar enough that we can make a (popular) pod out of it, you can make a pet out of the original McCoy.
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Most likely, it's either from
Most likely, it's either from a biosphere similar enough to Earth-standard that care for it won't be a problem, or has been genetically modified that way. Otherwise, I can't think of any pet store that would think to sell it or any way it would've gotten out of the gatecrashing facility. As far as what the thing is, go nuts as long as it's not some kind of tiger-analogue. First thing to come to mind is a little monopod critter I saw on some Discovery channel special on alien life years ago, this little hopping arthropod. ShadowDragon's also got a good point about the scurrier, which if you need stats could be represented either by the morph itself or a smart rat, depending on which you think is more appropriate.
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All, good ideas. I am
All, good ideas. I am thinking that for the time being it will be in stasis. The players is a xeno-biologist who came back from a gatecrash with the pet. This will give him time to study it and give me time to make it truly alien. If he works out a way to make it survivable I could see him profiting from bods or simulations based on a true alien. Thanks for the ideas.
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hello, It is really interesting and creative that a pet is having alien origin. well designed user interface to control pet with ease. I am an online game freak and found cybercortex as a nice game. characters are like all seen before but quite interesting as per the script of game.