Alien Biochemistry

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Alien Biochemistry

Anyone ever done anything fun with this? I play a scurrier, and outside of one party with experimental drugs, and a few changes I declared myself (eelware never shuts off and grants a constant minor charge, and grapes are a mild hallucinogenic), I've never really had it come into play.

So, I was curious if anyone has, or what they'd do if they had a player with the trait in their game. In addition, what guidelines do you tend to put on place? For instance, pretty sure making Maker gruel deadly would be kind of a dick move.

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Only slightly tangentally,

Only slightly tangentally, while investigating a Brak Kodel-like facility on an exoplanet, the team made friends with a native, and after he was gruesomely injured, the team's medic just gave him Grin to fight the pain, non-human/alien biochemistry turned the painkiller into a deadly poison.

Exhuman, and Humanitarian.