AI motivations

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AI motivations

This has been a topic that I've been considering for a while, long before EP turned up. What would the motivations of an artificial intelligence, a non-biological sentience, really be?

If you think about it for a bit, and, let's face it, if you're into EP you probably have, then it becomes clear that unless programmed to imitate human psychology, the drives and motivations behind an AI will be something very different to human motivations. Even the basic drive towards self-preservation is something programmed into life by genetics and darwinian selection. The reproductive urge, the need for shelter, the quest for food and resources, these are all biological drives placed upon living creatures by genetic programming and fundamental biological needs.

AIs, on the other hand, have no such biological origin and no such fundamental drives. So what would their motivations be? And from a gaming perspective, how does the poor GM represent such an alien mindset?

For my part, I think that the key motivations of an AI, even a self-improving AI, is primarily dicated by its initial programming. Consider that the TITANs, even prior to the infection by the Exsurgent virus, were designed as military systems and to think in terms of threat/response and intelligence gathering. The Exsurgent virus would have just unleashed the otherwise restrained warlike nature of the TITANs. The Prometheans, on the other hand, were programmed to interact in a friendly and familiar way with humans, and are much easier to understand and deal with, even if they are capable of thinking and reacting at a level beyond human understanding.

What about other types of AGI? What if, say, the Scum or a brinker commune developed an AGI to be an artist or a DJ? Or another designed to be entirely altruistic or judgemental? Perhaps a philosopher? Always bearing in mind that they would not be driven by the same environmental pressures as living creatures.

Anyway, throwing it out there for discussion, inspiration and adventure ideas.