AGI as a PC?

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AGI as a PC?

So one of the players for my upcoming game has expressed interest in playing an AI and using primarily/only Synthmorphs for sleeving. Im a little hazy on the subject of how AI's are percieved. Seeing as he would be able to learn and improve himself in the same way any other PC can, would that not mean he falls under the same status as a self improving AGI, and therefore be banned/hated/hunted constantly?

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Re: AGI as a PC?

No, it would just mean that he is an AGI. An AI is pretty much a limited AGI afaik.

If he really, really wants to play as an AI. Expect everyone else to treat him like an object. Because most objects you interact with got a built-in AI.

Or wait, I think I might be getting what you are asking. No, an AGI is supposed to be able to improve. Just not at the speeds a TITAN would. It is true that AGI face social stigma and certain restrictions in certain habitats (banned in jovian space for an example) but in the outer system they are pretty accepted. I suggest you read up a little on the fluff in the rulebook.
To restate what I was saying, an AGI will improve at the same speeds a human does and this is acceptable. They face certain restrictions in certain systems, and they do have some social stigmas (as expressed by the infolife background). But they are not compareable to TITANS in any way, form or shape.

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Re: AGI as a PC?

Ok thanks for the clarification. From I my reading it seemed like there was a bigger backlash and continuing stigma against AI's (all AI's) because of the fall.

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Re: AGI as a PC?

Yes, there's people who harbor deep-seated fears of AGIs because of the fall.
While it is technically correct that AGIs cannot improve at the same rate as seed AI like the TITANs, there's enough people who either do not know better or are afraid that an AGI could at some point advance to seed AI status.
This is why some jurisdictions outlaw or at least restrict them and why some people will react with fear and hatred towards the PC.
Some societies simply deny civil rights to AGIs because this enables them to exploit them as indentured workers.

Of course, there's also habitats where AGIs are treated with much more respect- even cases where the management of the entire habitat is entrusted to an AGI leader.
More progressive hypercorps also sometimes feature token AGIs on their board of directors.
And there's also cults of AGI worshippers (though most of them are complete nutters who want to bring back the TITANs).

There's also an entire faction (the Mercurials) devoted to improving the situation of nonhuman sentients such as AGIs and uplifted animals.
Part of their agenda concerns the fact that AGI are psychologically conditioned to behave more human-like.
The Mercurials seek to abolish this practice, wanting to give AGIs the opportunity to develop in their own, decidedly nonhuman way.