AGI and Psi

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AGI and Psi

Can an AGI obtain the PSI trait at all? The wording about the Background implies that not at all (during character creation), but does not exclude the possibility that it can be obtained during gameplay.

Can someone post an answer, hopefully backed up by a Developer?

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Re: AGI and Psi

Slightly spolierish, but in the Gamemaster section there are exsurgent horrors that run on cyberbrains. So my guess at an answer would be: yes, and AGI can have psi. Except that it now is infected with something very, very nasty.


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Re: AGI and Psi

I meant the PSI trait, as a playable character that was created as an AGI and adquired while sleeved on a biomorph the Psi Trait and a few Sleights. Is that possible?

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Re: AGI and Psi

As Arenamontanus said, its possible to acquire PSI in gameplay.

However, the exsurgent strains that are capable of bypassing normal PSI limitations will cause the character to 'evolve' beyond what Players can control, and eventually become an NPC.

As a GM, you have final say on what can and cannot occur in your campaign.

Have fun!

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Re: AGI and Psi

To answer your question, yes. The rules-as-written do not prohibit AGI from picking up the PSI-trait after character-generation, and as-written, an AI may use PSI-sleights when sleeved in a pod or biomorph. (What Aremontanous et al are referring to, meanwhile, are special "rules" for giving synthmorphs and infolife (?) PSI-capabilities, and not really applicable to normal characters.)

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