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AF 12.5+

I advanced the story-line about 2.5 years for my campaign arc, after they finished a series. What kind of major developments system wide would we see in that time-frame? If any?

I've got a few ideas such as a more established QE Comm network, but other than that I'd like a few ideas to kick around. Keep in mind that it is only 2.5 years, BUT tech is much, much more established and advanced than it is now (<

"And yet, across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded this Earth with envious eyes. And slowly, and surely, they drew their plans against us."

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Re: AF 12.5+

I've done something similar in my campaign. We were reaching the year mark so I advanced the year to A.F. 11. Most of these changes happened gradually in my game, but you might take them as background information.

--Fall Remembrance Specials: Think of 9/11 news-clip shows they show on the anniversary--times a billion. How does transhumanity remember the greatest disaster in human history? What do the talking heads have to say about it?
--Robotic/Uplift Spring: Have a downtrodden population perform a successful revolutionary action, be it peaceful or violent, against their bioconservative/hypercorp masters. Would it inspire other uprisings? Would they be as successful? How does it change the political climate.
--Wipe Out a Habitat: Pick a setting from one of the books and wipe it off the map with an X-threat. Firewall's purpose and ideology would be confirmed in the most extreme way possible, and their acceptance of failure would seriously dwindle. Political paranoia goes through the roof. People start cutting out their mesh inserts and heading to Jupiter.
--All Quiet on the Galactic Front: No serious exsurgent outbreak has attacked (or been SEEN to have attacked) in years. People are starting to actually believe the TITANS may be gone for good. Reclaimers and Venusian terraformers see their rep scores soaring. Firewall operations get spongy as recruitment and funding become increasingly difficult.
--Factor Boons: The factors finally prove useful and provide transhumanity with unheard of propulsion tech. Where did it come from? What will they demand in trade?
--New Exoplanets: Each new unique world has the potential to upset social hierarchies. Has a game-changing world with a unique biome or alien ruins been found?
--The Return of Femotech: Transhumanity has rediscovered self-replicating nanotechnology and begun to program it for its own ends. Will people be comfortable around "grey goo" level nanoswarms ever again after the Fall? Can such powerful tech resist the assault of the Exsurgent virus? Will Firewall sabotage or support this development?

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Re: AF 12.5+

The cold war between the hypercorp-aligned inner system powers that are interested in conquering Locus and the loose coalition of outer system interests who don't like the PC to adventure beyond their borders becomes hot.

A major reclaiming effort like retaking a city and establishing a base on earth starts together with a lot of backlash from factions who consider this to be too dangerous, as it might provoke a TITAN attack.

A rebellion of indentured servants, infogees and other repressed and poor parts of the population plunge the PC (or parts of it) into chaos.

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Re: AF 12.5+

More Ideas...

Gate Understanding: Argonauts have finally dated the construction of the gates to the Post-Fall universe. It has become an accepted Truth that the gates are of Titan construction. Hypercorps refuse to relinquish use of the technology, but gatecrashing and its products now have a huge social stigma.

Economic Crisis: One of the major polities (Morningstar, the LLA, PC, Extropian, Titanian, etc) has suffered due to some economic disaster or another. Is anyone bailing them out? Are other governments using this weakness as an opportunity to expand?

Blown Cover: While not quite wiping out the organization, Firewall gets blown. Objective proof of its existence goes on the mesh and the Eye gets compromised. The organization quickly reorganizes and restructures to resume covert status, but how would operations be affected when the operation is no longer a spook story or rumor? Would other covert organization take more hostile actions, freed up by the implicit support of some of their constituants? Would recruitment go up as young transhumans (with or without appropriate skill sets) seek to fight the good fight? Would a government attempt to take over the operation?

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Re: AF 12.5+

Oh! Oh! I like this one!

Fall Truthers: I group of committed group extremist-Reclaimer Fall-deniers starts gaining political traction. Quite simply, they claim that the TITANS never existed. The Exsurgent Virus is a myth. The whole debacle was a conspiracy by the Illumanti/NWO/WTO/Majestic 12/whatever to use already existing transhuman conflict to take over Earth and promote space markets. Earth is fine. It is being stripped of natural resources by the hypercorps. We need only get past the interdiction to resume life in paradise.

Far-fetched, I know. Sadly, not far-fetched enough, if existing trends are to be believed.

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Re: AF 12.5+

My current campaign deals with the Gate War: the exhumans ousted from the Discord gate are coming back, this time with a lot of guns. It began as small skirmishes during remote gatecrashing expeditions, and escalated from there. Right now Portal is under concerted attack. In the solar system this is mainly exciting and exotic news to the public. Planners are getting seriously worried that the exhumans have a chance of at least blocking access to a large chunk of the exoplanet net - and a few are even silently considering the heretical view that they might succeed in pushing transhumanity out of the gate network.

In other news, the attempt to build a new Tanzanian nation as a Hamilton cylinder in the rings of Saturn is continuing apace. Various interests are trying to involve themselves, pulling the nascent society in different directions.

On Mars certain Barsoomian radicals are trying to step up their struggle in a violent direction, leading to PC interventions.