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Adventure synopsis...feedback welcome

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Adventure synopsis...feedback welcome
Greetings sentients, my name is Kaylee a long time lurker first time poster (though some of you may recognize me from the EP Facebook group). I'm working on a new adventure and having written the synopsis I would welcome some feedback. Suggestions regarding the setup, characters, locales, whatever will be very welcome & in the spirit of outer system egalitarianism please feel free to steal any of my ideas for your own game... Ryan Obodo was once a happy salaryman working for an unremarkable computer archaeology micro-corp on Mars. He had a life partner, two children and a nice apartment in a quiet neighbourhood. Ryan also had a fascination with exhumanism and a morbid collection of snuff films that fuelled his dark imagination. Utilising his computer savvy Ryan was able to make contact with several shadowy personalities on the mesh who nurtured his preternatural urges. What began as fantasy became reality as Ryan mutilated rodents to unveil what lurked within their juicy carcasses. Having denied himself sleep for days he would probe the inner reaches of his own subconscious mind ranting wildly until as he was drawn ever deeper into his obsession he finally damned himself by murdering his family and eating their bodies. Ryan didn’t see anything particularly wrong with this; after all don’t the strong always prey on the weak? Meanwhile on Titan, Yuan Meng a brilliant geriopsychiatrist with the Ministry of Science has serendipitously discovered a new means of merging multiple egos into a master ego. Her new technique differs from previous attempts in that the master ego remains in overall control of the spliced minds and therefore does not result in a gestalt entity. Although the potential for misuse is of concern to Meng she believes that the benefits outweigh any risks. A big component of the so-called ‘immortality blues’ is the dissociative effect of multiple ego fork merging so she hopes her findings will help towards her ministry’s ultimate aim of curing this affliction. Recently she has been in contact with a Mr. Obodo, a fellow scientist in this area who has expressed interest in her research and as he happens to be on Titan for a business trip Meng has agreed to meet him for coffee to compare notes… Star Light, Star Bright is a murder mystery set on Titan. Ryan Obodo will use Yuan Meng’s research to splice multiple egos into his own thereby exponentially increasing his knowledge and skill sets. Unbeknownst to Ryan, Yuan Meng has been on a Firewall watch list for some time and a Firewall friendly, an Argonaut called Kjell Tonnessen, has alerted the conspiracy as to the ramifications of her research. The PCs are tasked with the close protection of Meng though she will be dead before they arrive. The initial goal will be the retrieval of her research but once it becomes clear that an aspiring exhuman is loose the adventure will become a cat and mouse game to catch Ryan, or Deer Stalker has he has now named himself.
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This seems more like an
This seems more like an adventure intro than a synopsis, as what happens once the PCs show up is pretty open ended. Where would Deer Stalker go to ground? In a Titanian city or out on the wilds or what? What precautions have they taken so that the Panopticon can't trivially track them? Is Deer Hunter trying to bail off world or what? The dead people, were their stacks recovered or are they just backed up?