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Adventure Seed: Love Letters

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Adventure Seed: Love Letters
Because romantic plotlines never get enough time in RPGs! I expect extra points for a gender-neutral and species-neutral set of characters. During the Fall... Quinton worked as a contract psychosurgeon in a military company. Quinton edited patients to enable them to commit atrocities and to recover from those atrocities by using Quinton's own "known stable reference mindfile" as a template. Quinton had Morland as a patient. Quinton thought of Singleton as a "romantic ideal, a virtual lover of the spirit," a confessor to one can admit anything. Quinton knew Singleton loved the Quinton-fraction of the "better selves" version of Morland. Morland worked as a cilivian pacification (i.e., atrocities-to-order) specialist in the same military company. Morland farcast the "better selves" Quinton made via psychosurgery home to Singleton. Morland admited, "I lack any standards, manners or taste. That makes me good at my job." Morland didn't know Quinton knew Singleton executed the mind files. Morland gave Quinton Singleton's replies to continue the deception. Singleton waited "behind the lines" for Morland to come home. Singleton fell in love with Morland's farcast mind files because they derived from Quinton and despite Morland's fraction. Singleton didn't know Quinton or that the farcasts differed from Morland. Singleton replied to Morland's communications. After the Fall... Quinton learns Singleton murdered Morland. Quinton learns Singleton has died. Quinton falls in love with Remington. Remington suffers from PTSD and amnesia. Remington has a partial set of Singleton's memories of Morland. And Go... Remington tries to regain her past. Quinton tries to learn what happened to Morland and Singleton. --- And the movie I stole (er, derived) from won multiple Academy Award nominations, and had a famous female screenwriter.
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Re: Adventure Seed: Love Letters
Ah, wonderfully twisted. I like it! To make things even messier, the company might actually have been executing operations under the influence of the TITANs -those systems were good at using the normal defense contractor infrastructure to implement their plans without getting their manipulators dirty while they geared up for the real show. This has nothing to do with Quinton, Singleton and Morland's relationship, but might be a lead-in for Firewall sentinels who are poking around for traces of TITAN influence or Fall crimes. And I agree romantic plots are under-represented. The main reason is of course that they are hard to do well, just like horror.
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Re: Adventure Seed: Love Letters
Cute. I like it .