Advanced Eclipse Phase setting elements in Celestia

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Advanced Eclipse Phase setting elements in Celestia

Having already done the work to mark the locations of surface settlements of Luna, Mars and Titan I would gladly continue with importing EP setting elements like bases, orbitals, aerostats into Celestia space simulator as an effort to provide visualization aid for players.

However, I'm only good at programming so making script for astrographic locations and such is easy to me but I have little talent for graphical or 3d-modeling work. Even working on night texture (lights that lit when on night side of celestial body) I feel I'd be rather be more productive doing some coding than struggling with graphic :/

So, is there anyone with graphic or 3d-modelling skills who'd like to provide textures or models I could place in Celestia? It could include models of space stations, aerostarts, surface domes, pictures replacing standard planet/moon surface with picture of settlement (as seen from orbit to low altitude flight), night maps, entry ports to asteroid bases, other large space installations (Skyhook, Lift, Rhea's antenna...). I could then provide config file/script to put it in relevant orbit or place on surface and pack it all into valid add-on. I also have some hosting space bought to host it.

Other thing I wonder is how much need there is for such a thing? If it's substantial then perhaps we could do this as Kickstarter or perhaps a stretch goal for any upcoming Posthuman's Kickstarter?

What do you think?

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orbital habitats

I added Mars orbital habitats and some asteroids. Unfortunately, I had to take some graphic from other authors. I'm trying to learn Blender to create the correct habitats, I dream of Legba and Meathub for Celestia :-)
Here it is an example:!19056&authkey=!AI3puOWLwmzGfoE&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg
this is a star treck station, size reduced to a O'Neil Cylinder, with Mars on the back.
I tryed to add the TQZ (the red area) and some colonies, with bad results.
Here other ideas:!19058&authkey=!AFeB5BUWpEMgrF4&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg!19057&authkey=!AAfQP_iJa030nrc&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg
My players love to have the briefing from proxy with Celestia on the screen, it's a very cool add.
It would be cool to add some Eclipse Phase graphic to Celestia.

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Perhaps some of the actual

Perhaps some of the actual Eclipse Phase artists are worth contacting to see if they'd be up for a Kickstarter.

This would be such a useful tool to have. I'm down for at least $50.