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Adding Implants

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Adding Implants
How difficult or time-consuming is it to add implants to a morph? My players acquired Nanotat ID Flux blueprints (the clinic they were investigating were converting worker/pleasure pods into counterfeit/discount Shaper Pods) and they have their own Healing Vat. So how long would it take to add Nanotat ID Flux to their morphs? How difficult is it to conceal the existence of this illegal implant?
Nanotat ID Flux: This highly illegal system is a programmable version of the nanotat ID. Any new (fake) ID may be programmed in, and the nanotat may be reconfigured in seconds (1 Action Turn) to switch to another ID pattern in storage. This nanoware may not be configured for legal IDs unless they are actually legal or their encryption has been cracked. (Expensive)
The cost would imply a long time, but that may not be so hard a guideline (expense = time).
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Under "Healing Vat", there's
Under "Healing Vat", there's a table (p 327). Nanoware is 12 hours. Also, while it's illegal, I'm not sure there's an easy way to detect besides catching you with a different nanotat ID. It's basically like a Nanotat ID that you can reconfigure quickly. But, if you want to hide it, Implant Masking is cost +1.
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Expensive +1 is 50,000?
Expensive +1 is 50,000?
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It depends which book you ask
It depends which book you ask. For example, Firewall introduces Expensive x2.
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Alternatively a skill roll
Alternatively a skill roll relating to nanotechnology might allow them to update the blueprint to add concealed to it, possibly by tailoring it to each individual morph. I assume they're on a station where Nanotat IDs are required?
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Valles-New Shanghai, so they
Valles-New Shanghai, so they aren't required to openly declare them but if they have an invalid or apparently faked one, it will be suspicious as all get out.
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Given that it's a bit of
Given that it's a bit of nanotech, I'd say that it's almost undetectable without an intensive scan (of the sort where you're probably already captured and they're fishing for more things to charge you with). The weak part in the system is the strength of the fake ID, anyway. Remember that a standard fake ID is still a bit suspicious and you'll get several extra looks from security folks because of it.