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Adding cyberbrains to robots

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DivineWrath DivineWrath's picture
Adding cyberbrains to robots
The game has said that you can add cyberbrains to any shell. This list includes robots, vehicles, and even exoskeletons. I'm wondering what effects this would have. I assume that they will not only get a cyberbrain, but also external access jacks and puppet sock, free of charge. (actually, puppet sock seems to be standard issue for robots). What about aptitudes? This tends to be a big selling point for most morphs. I think its safe to assume that they will get an aptitude cap of 30. As for aptitude bonuses, is there some way to add them to shells?
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Sentient tank engines.
I think some handwaving is required in these cases. The rules in Transhuman, if I recall correctly, say Aptitude maximum of 20. But as a GM I'd be comfortable with offering a wide range of maximums and bonuses. I'd even give skill bonuses for specialized vehicles. So a tank engine would get a big bonus to Savvy, Moxie and Pilot:Rails. You know because of their expressive faces on the front. But I'd probably give them a sharp limit to coordination and reflexes because they are still a talking train with a face.
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DivineWrath DivineWrath's picture
Well, hand waving it might
Well, hand waving it might work for the short term. Probably good for a one shot game or short mission somewhere far away. I don't think its good for a long term solution. When I analyze morphs using the morph creation rules, I find that about half the cost of most morphs is aptitude bonuses. So I don't think its fair to hand wave in bonuses.
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I think you are mixing ideas
I think you are mixing ideas here. While it is possible to add a cyberbrain to a robot shell, that would just turn it into a synthmorph for system mechanics. So you would need to decide if you will run with the base AI the robot came with (so no changes to the skills or attributes), or sleeve another AI (or even an ego, be it a fork or a single instanced). As for the bonus the "morph" would give, looking at the robot stats should help define if it gives any, there should be a reason, after all, for cases being used as the cheapest synthmorph instead of repurposed robots (which is what was made to Pods, in essence).
DivineWrath DivineWrath's picture
Making them synthmorphs is
Making them synthmorphs is the idea. For egos, not limited AIs. The books mentions that it can be done, but doesn't cover much in terms of aptitudes. Almost every morph has aptitude bonuses of some kind. So, I'm looking to add aptitude bonuses to these shells. I'm still looking for anything official about this. That said, I have some ideas of my own. Instead of installing any normal cyberbrain, maybe you install an advanced one. For a cost of 10,000 cr, the cyberbrain gets a +5 aptitude bonus of your choosing. While I'm thinking about it, it kinda irks me that you can simply replace the brain of biomorph with a cyberbrain (or brain box a synthmorph) and get the same aptitude bonuses. I kinda hand wave it, since you're getting the same stats as before. One of the reasons it irks me is that you managed to get replacement computer for a morph that gives you the same processing power as before. Its not really explained how its done and such. This could easily turn into another thread about what aptitude bonuses really are. Some examples: -A battlesuit exoskeleton is given a cyberbrain. The person who is going to pilot that thing wants some COO bonuses to help it shoot strait. -A creepy. The ego wanted something small to sneak into a facility and hack a computer. The ego wants some COG bonuses to help with computer work. -A shuttle craft. Someone wants to join the ringers (rimward p. 70), but wants do so in style. The person adds a cyberbrain to a shuttle craft. The person adds some REF for pilot skills.
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I think the difference
I think the difference between the morphs and repurposed robots would be comfort of sleeving. First minuses to resleeving tests. Then stress for being in a body that was not designed to be sleeved in. So no touch on most of the body. Sensory suite alien to human ego. Everything else dependent on the quality of "cyberbrain job". So for example being in a guardian bot would give you disembodied feeling of floating with no perception of body size and your motors could be uncomfortable to activate. You generally don't want to be sleeved into a toaster.
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