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This is all I had written for Nia when we played the game...

Nia Kundaruum: Torrented former Security Specialist

Nia is somewhat of a celebrity once a year. She is the subject of the clearest TITAN footage on record, and her death is regularly shown in documentaries about the event. In the footage, a headhunter corners a pair of children in a bombed out building before being fragged by a haggard looking woman with a railgun. The woman was Nia, mother to the siblings, and she had fought he way across all of exsurgent-infected Goa to get back to her kids. However, shortly after reuniting with the children, a fractal fills the security cam footage and consumes all three morphs.

Nia was lucky enough to work for a hypercorp already established off-world. She was unlucky enough to have her backup server in the Martian White Zone. Her ego was infected with Watt’s McCloud in storage. This fact, combined with the collapse of her employer’s interests and the fanatical aversion to the Torrented in society, meant Nia lacked the funds to sleeve her children as backups. Currently, the children reside in a ghost rider module that Nia takes with her everywhere she goes.

Nia is a hell of a security analyst and a holy terror in a fight. She dislikes pulling heists, but she tells herself she’ll only keep working with the Stars until she can afford Neotecnic’s for the kids and a home on Mars.

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I must have zoned out at some

I must have zoned out at some point. What was going on in the lobby with Fayun, I think it was? Was the sniper part of the plan, but the timing was slightly off, and who was the target and the neotenic? There was a lot going on, and at some points I must have made the mistake of paying attention to work instead of the game. :P

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There are two Fayuns, forks.

There are two Fayuns, forks. One has been on Luna the entire time (FayunA), messing with AB, their rival and the other (the PC, FayunB) who left. When FayunB attempts to use AB to cause a distraction she pretends to be the version of herself who has remained on the moon (FayunA), not the one who left it. This plan gets AB's attention but also gets the attention of FayunA herself and their (their being both Fayuns) friend, Natalie(?, I forget the name).

So, FayunB's plan is to bring AB into the open and increase the chaos of the eventual fight with the Wyld Hunt (Bartleby's psycho troop). However, while the plan works and AB does come out in the open, FayunA and Natalie believe FayunB is attempted to help them kill AB and set an ambush.

FayunA is the sniper and Natalie is sleeved into the neotenic morph. Natalie is pretending to be a school child and provide a group of children as an escape/cover route for FayunB is escape while FayunA kills AB with the sniper rifle before anyone can react. However, FayunB doesn't know any of this until just before it is going to happen and knows that if it does happen too soon security will be in place before the Hunt begins their attack and failure will likely result.

So, FayunB has to stale, keeping AB alive and a fight from breaking out until the Hunt arrives and attachs the statue (which is complicating communication between the players). She has no way of communicating secretly with FayunA and must improvise. However, Natalie believes something is wrong and attempts to remove FayunB from the situation by having another child run into her.

This serves to kick off the fight but due to FayunB's delaying of the sniper shot the fight starts seconds early rather than minutes and still without gunfire so the security doesn't go hot.

So, in summary: FayunA is the sniper, AB is the target, Natalie (?or whatever) is the neotenic, and FayunB is caught in the middle.

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Fayun Confusion

Tad (as ever) has a perfect understanding on the situation. Every character in Know Evil has a backstory. Bartelby wants to find a "sister" he thinks a conspiracy took from the Lost program. Preston is a specially engineered media octopus. SAIROC is an autonomist shareware personality. Gerard seeks to find out what he can't remember from the Fall. Maxwell wants to be Exhuman. And Fayun fled Luna so that her alpha could avoid arrest and murder at the hands of her criminal betrayer.

When Thad said he wanted to utilize his original fork to help in the plan, I completely encouraged it. My feeling is that forking should be extremely useful for characters...and then come bite them in the ass at the worst possible time. This becomes something of a minor theme in campaign as it goes on.

I also needed the one thing missing from any decent heist story: the unexpected. The joy of a heist movie is seeing the plan made, then seeing where it adheres and where the competition makes it deviate. I thought using the alpha fork was particularly apt; FayunA thought she was "helping," but Firewall and two years absence from the underworld completely changed our lady sentinel's priorities. Such are the dangers of forking.

Really, if you take the more traditional inner system stance, FayunA was horribly betrayed by her Beta, not the other way around. FayunA was following "the plan" and didn't even know Firewall existed.

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Cool, thanks for clarifying!

Cool, thanks for clarifying! I knew Fayun had some history on Luna, I didn't realize it was a fork!

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Minor update: I mirrored the

Minor update: I mirrored the Know Evil campaign on so if you've been curious about listening to it or want to introduce the campaign to a friend, they can download the first 15 episodes at once:

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I've been following your

I've been following your games, more than just the Know Evil, and you guys are my motivation for running games and writing stories. Caleb, you're pretty brilliant to keep everything going in the Know Evil game, as there seem to be an immense amount of juggling.

I ran the Think Before Asking game after listening to the actual play about two dozen times, but I ran into a problem: My player group asked a whopping 6 questions to the Oracle, and in return got some skills that drive them insane.

Schizophrenics make for interesting storytellers.

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Thanks for the kind words! I'm really psyched you're enjoying things so far. Plenty of Know Evil left to go in terms of posting even though we've finished play.

Actually, the one run-through I've done of Think Before Asking had me wishing I'd had players ask more questions, if only so I could play around with the Oracle idea longer. I love that Anders Sandburg. He's a great writer.

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I'm simply fortunate that my

I'm simply fortunate that my players only asked selfish, straightforward questions (How do I make the perfect morph? How do Pandora Gates work? How are you jamming QE? How does the human mind function?) that led to straightforward (if hand-waved) answers. I would have hated to have everyone restored from backup after one game.

Also, Bigglesworth and Rickles have become an inside joke for me and my gaming buddies, Keep it up!

Schizophrenics make for interesting storytellers.

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So, now that play has concluded ....

.... How many episodes are left to post before we hear the end? Also, did your group enjoy the game enough that there will another campaign, podcast or not?

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There are two tiers left: Scum tier and Earth Orbit tier. I think both are in the range of 6-8 sessions.

I think we we definitely be playing EP again. I don't know if I'll be running it though; ClockworkJoe (guy who plays Bartelby) said he'd like to run a campaign and I would be thrilled to actually get to play for once.

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I just want to say the EP

I just want to say the EP actual play was like a gateway drug. I found myself downloading the new arcadia actual plays (where I kept getting confused bcs I got so used to Caleb as GM) and now I'm listening to the regular rppr podcast and I may have to listen to the new world stuff so I know what you guys keep talking about. Thanks for helping the work day go faster!

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RPPR won an ENNIE!

RPPR won gold! Totally sweet! Tell ClockworkJoe congrats next time you see him or drop by the site and leave a comment. This is awesome!

And thanks for the kindness Azathoth. I'm glad you're hooked!

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Know Evil: Episode 16

Scum tier starts in this episode of Know Evil. Listen at the link below:

Synopsis: The new tier of the Know Evil campaign begins! In order to hide out after the daring bank heist, the Firewall team retreats to the relative safety of The Stars Our Destination, a scum swarm that happened to be nearby. After ditching their weapons, the team gets a rare chance to rest and plan their next move. They have a chance to research the object retrieved from the bank safety deposit vault, catch up with their personal lives, and perform some side missions for Firewall. Of course, there are threats hidden in the swarm, waiting to strike out at them.

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Episode 16

I've listened to the latest episode about 20 times and counting (it's a habit of mine), and I have to say that you've made sidequests far more entertaining than any other game I've witnessed. The catchy names themselves were very entertaining and catchy, and it gave the characters immense opportunities to reveal their histories (I especially like Bartleby/Ross/Clockworkjoe), and still allowed for paving their future progression (IE: Aaron(?) and Crowley/Tom).

Bringing back Claudia was interesting, buyers regret and all. The contemplation of the child Claudia ego integration and Pavlov complex led to interesting thought exercises (If you re-integrate a child's ego with another and re-fork, is it still a child? or was she forking herself and re-integrating?)

Also, neotechnic snuff exp reminded me of Black Lagoon and the twins, though that could also be paralleled with the Lost project (Sorry if reference is lost)

Schizophrenics make for interesting storytellers.

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Would it be possible to list

Would it be possible to list where the sub-parts of Know Evil came from?
I 'recognize' a number of characters, and subplots, but I can't seem to place from where...

Even the "Panda Crime Lord" bit, and the "Lunar Bank Heist" all sounds like this was written in fan adventures somewhere, but I can't seem to place them...

Alternatively, a campaign write up for Know Evil (minus the current arc starting in 16) would be fantastic!

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Thanks for listening, and I'm glad you enjoyed the episode. Sorry, but the reference is totally lost on me :-P


I'm not sure what you're asking exactly. The ships and the major swarm NPC's all came from The Stars Our Destination PDF. Akaja is a reskinned Dark Ron from Anders Sandburg's "Lurking in Every Flower," and I'm pretty sure I ripped off a Fall war criminal from a description on his website.

I'm pretty sure everything else is me, unless I've gone source blind on something (please let me know if so). Yuon the Panda Triad boss of See Yee On and the Erato heist are all from Luna tier. Are you looking for footnotes for which episodes in the podcast those plot points came up?

I'd love to do a campaign write up someday. I know EP tends towards limited-location, high-stakes mini-campaigns, but I always wanted to see what a "Masks of Nyarlothotep" for a transhuman RPG would look like, so I tried to write one. We'll see what comes of it after I'm done with my current Kickstarter writing project.

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Somehow the early 'half

Somehow the early 'half-cribbed' parts that I recognized have perhaps given me a sense of deja-vu:
"I've read the entire campaign write-up, but it's been a few years" type of thing.

If it's mostly self-written, go you!

I'd definately be interested in a full write up, as I think this campaign would be a good 'intro to EP' camapain, as it covers lots of locales, groups, and cultural differences.

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Black Lagoon is an anime -

Black Lagoon is an anime - the twins are crazy kids that go on a killing rampage

So in other words, the Lost Project, more or less.

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Lost project xp could have

Lost project xp could have counted for that side-quest, I'm sure. Even better since they're not Neotechnics, but actual children.

Schizophrenics make for interesting storytellers.

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This game really made me want

This game really made me want to play a Bethesda Eclipse Phase game. That might be nearly impossible to actually do, but would be so awesome.

'No language is justly studied merely as an aid to other purposes. It will in fact better serve other purposes, philological or historical, when it is studied for love, for itself.' --J.R.R. Tolkien

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Is it time for the next episode?

It is it time for episode 17 to be posted? (Is it? Is it, huh? Is it, huh, huh?) I'm not anxious or anything, nope, not me. :-)

Cthuluzord Cthuluzord's picture

Bartelby is as much a monster in real life as in play. We are at the mercy of his podcasting whims, and he is a most capricious internet god. I promise I'll throw it up on this thread as soon as its available.

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Know Evil: Episode 17

In this episode of Know Evil, the Firewall team pursues multiple agendas as they attempt to blend in with the scum swarm society. SAIRAC, the AGI, must learn to become more human in order to avoid detection when they leave the relative safety of the swarm. Bartleby must fulfill several Firewall missions. Gerrard has a chance to learn the truth of his own past on Earth. All the while, the team is pursued by their enemies, both personal and otherwise. As things start to go awry, the team decides to raid a group of criminals as part of a Firewall mission. Of course the raid does not go well…

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Episode 18 ??

I most humbly petition for the posting of episode 18. It makes doing my domestic duties (yardwork, etc) go by so much more smoothly. Besides, it's the endgame!! Inquiring Egos want to know!!

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re 18

Cthuluzord's got school and Hebanon games, I'm sure we can forgive him for not getting episodes out fast enough. The sheer amount of work that goes into the "Know Evil" campaign must be staggering; I mean, there was something like 19 pages of notes at one point? Granted I'm running a campaign right now and I put a lot of time and thought into it, but I guess not all of it gets on paper.

Although I can't say my patience is completely selfless, I do want to run Lover in the Ice for Halloween (Since I heard that one could purchase it if they were late to the kickstarter...)

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Re: Re 18

It was my impression that all of the episodes are recorded (and that the campaign was in fact concluded some months ago) and produced, and that we are simply beholden to Bartleby's player's release schedule. I certainly don't begrudge Cthuluzord's work schedule and other interests, this isn't his day job. He and the rest of the RPPR group have put in some quality work, as my eagerness to consume should imply. I was just exhorting to whomever to "push the button" and post the next segment. (So, um, Bartleby, er, um could you push said button? pleasssse?)

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@prototyper & @arrgrotron

All the episodes are recorded. To be fair to Bartelby, though, it does take a bit more work to post them than pressing a button. There is some sound editing and leveling that needs doing for each session. Furthermore, RPPR has other projects going on (such as the Artemis Spaceship Sim video just posted) and another campaign posting schedule to meet (Heroes of New Arcadia). Most recently, Bartelby is launching a kickstarter soon for a new role playing setting book, Baseraiders, so that is dominating a lot of his time.

So, I mean, Bartelby's a monster and all--no argument here--but he isn't as bad as you might think. Until Scum tier is posted, he's got a one-shot to tide people over here:

Regarding Hebanon stuff--I am indeed crazy busy with mundi work. We are trying to get Lover in the Ice done in time for Halloween, and our hope is to post it up on or something similar to sell copies for those who missed the Kickstarter. If that is successful, we may write up and get some art for the prequel game I ran over Skype earlier this year. You can listen to a playthrough here:

19 pages of notes is accurate, but most adventure arcs for Know Evil average out between 10-12 pages each. I've basically written a campaign sourcebook--in fact, I'd have to cut out Scum Tier just to make it fit into a single sourcebook. I'd like to do something with it some day, but I feel like copy-editing it and throwing it into a pre-generated graphics template with recycled CC art doesn't quite suffice. If I could afford to get some good art commissioned for it and find a pro to do layout, I'd just throw a PDF online...maybe a POD version on Lulu. But a Kickstarter ransom can't be capped, and I shouldn't be profiting off the EP universe unless hired to do so. It is a conundrum.

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Cthuluzord wrote:But a

Cthuluzord wrote:
But a Kickstarter ransom can't be capped, and I shouldn't be profiting off the EP universe unless hired to do so. It is a conundrum.

Can you gift the leftover money to Posthuman Studios? I just don't know how the law works here. Both the Creative Commons and Gifting money to companies.

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Know Evil: Episode 18

In this episode, the Firewall team finds itself in a delicate situation. After a botched raid on a group of snuff XP producers, the team is forced to undergo the justice system of the anarchist scum swarm. This turns out to be a rather complex political challenge, as the team must win over as many of the factions as possible in order to stay on the swarm. Of course, even a scum swarm has some leaders, like the security chief, Singh, who wants the team gone. But even as the trial goes on, each agent must carry on with their work, including dealing with multiple potential existential threats at once. Can Bartleby, Preston and Feiyin win the anarchist trial of the century? Find out in Know Evil episode 18!

Cthuluzord Cthuluzord's picture

Most importantly, episode 18 above this post.

But to respond to Gorkamorka: I don't know how CC works either, and I don't trust my personal reading of legalese. I have no formal training or experience with it. I've tried contacting Posthuman to ask, but I've yet to get a hold of anyone.

Can you gift the leftover money to Posthuman Studios? I just don't know how the law works here. Both the Creative Commons and Gifting money to companies.
prototyper prototyper's picture

I hope that they do respond, and that a solution is discovered, because I would certainly either kick in some credits to the kickstarter, or buy the book or PDF, if it were available.

Thanks again for whatever urging, cajoling, or occult ritual (Ia, Ia, Cthulhu Fhtagn !!) you employed in causing Bartleby to post the episode. I listened to "Dead Run", and it was very enjoyable, but it is time to get back to the main course!

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KNOW EVIL is so good. Having 17 episodes to listen to all at once makes the time between releases maddening!

Exhuman, and Humanitarian.

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That was an amazing episode.

That was an amazing episode.


I'd contact Posthuman studios before releasing a product anyway, but, if "taking in more money then absolutely necessary" is a problem, then limit the number of rewards. If somebody can't pay that's an issue, but if (for instance) a reward is a Skype game or something, somebody would definitely want to get in line for that if that was an issue.

Cthuluzord Cthuluzord's picture

Well, first off, thank you for the kind words everyone.

I'd never do anything without Posthuman's approval, but getting in touch has been a problem. I haven't had a lot of luck getting emails returned, but I suppose they are quite busy.

I'm not sure you could Kickstart a project like that and cap the amount of money given. First off, to my knowledge Kickstarter won't allow projects to be capped; people can donate if they want to, when they want to, so long as it isn't past deadline. Secondly, you'd have to know exactly how much the book would cost BEFORE even starting the Kickstarter, which would require a fully edited draft of all included material and in-writing bids for commissioned artwork and layout from multiple artists. That process gets even more complicated in the realm of physical rewards. Shipping costs, especially internationally, are wildly fluctuating all the time, and you would have to know the exact weight, dimensions, and packaging to use before starting the project. Basically, factoring in the exact amount it would cost would require having the book done before getting the money to get the book done.

Lastly, at least in regards to the No Security Kickstarter I just ran, that extra money is a Godsend. If I write a scenario that is running a bit long but still has (what I feel is) great content I don't want to cut, I can commission some more insert art on the fly to spice up the text-heavy pages. The manufacturing of physical rewards can be a nightmare, and even with the limited meatspace rewards for the No Security ransom, were it not for the generosity of the fans I'd be banging my head against the desk even more. Hebanon isn't hurting by any means, but the cost of the products is certainly more than I anticipated. I imagine that things might be even worse on that end if we were putting out a book length project all at once rather than our "one scenario or two rewards" a month work schedule.

So anyway, this is way too long. I'm thrilled to show Know Evil to people and have them play it, but I'm reluctant to just throw a Word document on Google docs and call it a day. There are some obstacles I haven't quite figured out how to overcome in terms of putting out a quality product, and I'm reluctant to experiment with solutions because I'm not sure the game's creators would even approve in the first place. So that's where I'm at now.

ON the plus side, there's like three more games in Scum Tier and five or so on Earth before the campaign reaches end game. Plenty of Know Evil left to take us into next year, so I hope everyone keeps listening. Thanks for letting me vent :-)

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Know Evil: Episode 19

Synopsis: After winning the murder ‘trial’, the Firewall agents can continue their work. In order to win back their rep and pay back favors owed from the trial, the team agrees to help explore an abandoned spaceship. The ship is probably infested but the swarm needs the salvage. The agents split up and join two teams of scavengers: ladyboys and exhumans. There’s no telling what kind of horrors lurk in the depths of the ship. Even experienced agents may not be able to survive this mission. Find out what the team encounters in this extra long episode of Know Evil!

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Oh my...

Your joy at defeating your most hated rival, the dreaded Tactical Network, is almost infectious in its intensity. :) That aside, love the setting of the derelict ship. Very creepy, very atmospheric.

(Also I feel terrible for actually wanting to see a Ron Paul anime. Much like the man himself, I think it would be awesomely boring.)

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Just wanted to say I love the

Just wanted to say I love the campaign and actual plays. I have been listening to RPPR for a bit now but never gave the actual plays a chance until recently. I am glad I did! Keep up the amazing work all of you!

That said, I wanted to mention the following about the latest episode :

Spoiler: Highlight to view
After the session concluded no one mentioned the tablet that was found with footage of (presumably) Preston on it! Maybe I missed something but I thought that situation was still up in the air. I am dying to know what that was about.

Cthuluzord Cthuluzord's picture
@lets adapt

I'm glad your enjoying the campaign; tell your friends!

The tablet thing was just one option in what the guys call my "roll-your-own-horror" scenarios. I just make a big ass list of things that might be found in a creepy location and the game takes the form of a horrific rummage sale (well, a MORE horrific rummage sale).

For this one, I figured the A Proficia had seen TITAN infestation. I knew exactly one objective the machines took over the ship for and why they sent it back, so that was the plot hook they discovered, but beyond that I like to keep my TITANs inexplicable. Physics seem like just kind of a suggestion to them anyway, so the video on the tablet could be the result of a really advanced future forecasting algorithm, or perhaps they actually discovered time travel and were using it to play pranks on transhumans. I don't really know and I like it that way. I feel like things are much more unsettling when they're open to any number of possible interpretations, and that feels more in-line with the book's themes. Sorry I can't give you a hard answer.

Exsurgents have agendas; they're reprogrammed with them. TITANs probably have agendas too, but they're far too complex to be understood. To date, the only TITAN leavings the team has had contact with was in the Cognite ego bunker, in which a fractal TITAN invaded, killed everyone, booby trapped the place, force uploaded all the minds, turned them into a human chatbot gesalt, and then left without any indication as to why. In many ways, that single attack sparked the entire campaign, but I never plan on explaining what the thing was up to. The TITANs are an unknown, and that's why the only reaction they should invoke is fear.

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Know Evil: Episode 20

In this episode of Know Evil, the Firewall team draws close to an end of its time on the scum swarm but there is much work yet to be done. Existential threats, war criminals, and the swarm’s leaders all threaten the team’s operation. Furthermore, each member of the team is personally challenged by their own choices. How much more can they compromise to make sure their mission is a success? As they face the monsters that lurk in the shadows, can these isolated Firewall agents be sure that they haven’t been corrupted as well? Perhaps by taking down a threat to all of transhumanity, they can redeem themselves. Or not. Find out what the threat is and if it is stopped in this episode!

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Know Evil: Episode 21

New episode is up everybody! On a side note, the guys commissioned a professional portrait of their PC's for a big Know Evil movie poster. It was the coolest Christmas present I've ever gotten. Clockworkjoe (Bartelby) has isolated each PC portrait and is using different one as the cover image for every game as we finish up the Scum swarm and move into the endgame with Earth tier. We'll also soon be announcing a fanart contest on the main podcast that will run for the final months of the campaign. So, in summation, cool stuff going on.

Anyway, here's the description and links. Thanks for listening.

In this episode of the Know Evil campaign, the Firewall team prepares to leave the scum swarm, but not before doing last mission. In order to secure transportation to a remote habitat and acquire some equipment, the team agrees to assassinate a heavily defended war criminal in an isolated spacecraft. Of course the target is guarded by a crack squad of ultimate mercenaries and the spacecraft is trapped. But the Firewall team is nothing if not determined. Bullets and nanoswarms will fly in the blood opera of the Scum Swarm Tier!

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Is the poster available to

Is the poster available to view online? I've looked all around the internets (RPPR forums, etc) and I can not find an image of this poster besides the image of Max included with the latest RPPR actual play.

clockworkjoe clockworkjoe's picture
The poster will be revealed

The poster will be revealed when the last episode of Know Evil goes online.


Cthuluzord Cthuluzord's picture
@lets adapt

My understanding is that the poster is being saved for the last game of the campaign. There are 6 characters left to reveal and 7 sessions left in the campaign, so the final reveal will go along with the last session. I'd post a photo of the one hanging on my wall, but Clockworkjoe would probably cut me.

I do know that there are plans to send out signed copies of the poster as prizes in the fanart contest once it is announced.

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Odd Anomaly of History

I am listening to Episode 20, and the players are going through the list of loot they obtained from the ship that they were salvaging. It is mentioned that one of the items found was a Twinkie, something which now no longer exists in our time, and are almost certainly extinct long before the Fall. While it could be considered that Twinkie would be a label for any generic snack cake, I just found it a little odd, in an amusing way. Either that, or someone is manipulating causality again ....

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Know Evil Fan Contest

The fan creation contest for Know Evil has been announced. You can hear a description of the rules at the link below...

...and here's a description of the rules with a link to the forum page where entries are submitted:

To celebrate the Know Evil Eclipse Phase campaign, RPPR is proud to announce the Fan Creation Contest. Last fall, I commissioned an artist to create a poster depicting the principal cast of Know Evil. I had some posters printed as well. It was primarily intended as a Christmas gift to Caleb and as a thanks for running such a great campaign. I had a few extra posters printed and I'd like to give them to the most dedicated Know Evil fans out there. I have 3 posters that I will mail to anywhere in the world and each poster will be signed by Caleb, me, and several other players in the campaign.

TO ENTER: Create a piece of fan art or fan fiction about Know Evil. It must be R rated or less - please no rule 34 material. Do not insert material from copyrighted settings without permission (sorry but no adventure time/Preston crossover fan fiction). It can be serious, funny horrific, or whatever you want to do.

TO SUBMIT: Post your entry in this thread! You may post a link to an external site (Deviant Art, your blog) but you must post in this thread to have your submission count. Please label your post though - something like MY SUBMISSION FOR THE FAN CREATION CONTEST would be nice.

TIME LIMIT: The contest will officially close 24 hours AFTER I post the final episode of the Know Evil campaign on RPPR Actual Play.

JUDGING: Each player in the Know Evil campaign will vote for the top 3 submissions. Caleb, as GM, will get 2 votes each for his top 3 submissions. Ties will be decided by a runoff vote.


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Know Evil Annual

Bartelby left for a vacation in China, but Know Evil continued on without him for a week. In this special one shot, a group of individuals touched by the agents investigating the Know Evil Conspiracy have all been recruited by Firewall. Proxy Blind has a found a lead but doesn’t want to send the primary team to investigate it. Instead, the proxy takes a motley crew of damaged people and sends them into the fray to a distant habitat. What secrets will they encounter and, more importantly, can disparate new agents like an eccentric German research scientist and a Martian bounty hunter down on his luck even work together as a team? Find out in this special annual one shot of Know Evil!

P.S. Again, I totally rip off things from an Anders adventure because he is my GMing spirit guide.

P.S.S. Don't forget the Know Evil fan creation contest:,1625.0.html

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I'm still playing catch-up on

I'm still playing catch-up on Know Evil--I'm almost done with Episode 19--but I can't wait to listen to the annual. Seems like it's going to be a fun session to listen to, seeing as we get to catch up with some of the peripheral characters who have had their lives completely fucked up by Bartelby and co.

Cthuluzord wrote:
Bartelby left for a vacation in China

"Why are there so many ex-threats? The brochure said there'd only be a few ex-threats! This is a terrible vacation!"

(Sorry, I couldn't resist.)


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Entry #1 in the Know Evil Fan Creation Contest

Salkovich gave us an orbit's eye view of the last moments to Thought. Sweet action! I hope to see more.

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Great Job, guys !!

Having just listened to a double-feature of episode 21 and the Annual, I want to commend you once again for the excellent work and great story you guys are putting out. It must have been very satisfying to (intentionally) assault and remove an antagonist. Now that the story (for us) is reaching the endgame - the final tier, I am very interested to see how this is all going to wrap up. Good Job Everyone .... just don't keep us hanging (please? ... I know, I know).