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Actions and Movement in v2

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Actions and Movement in v2
Hello! Sorry to duplicate a question that i posted in the v2 forum section, but I found out that the correct section for questions regarding the rules is this one. I downloaded the v2 manuals and i'm stuck at the Action/Movement thing. I need your help :) Let's get started. In the book you can read that in 1 action turn you can take: • 1 complex action and 1 quick action • 1 task action and 1 quick action • 3 quick actions Additionally, you may take any number of automatic actions per action turn. The GM may allow you to make additional quick actions, depending on their nature. Note that basic movement such as walking or running is an automatic action (Movement, p. XX). More complex forms of movement, however, may require quick, complex, or even task actions. and then: MOVEMENT ACTIONS Each action turn, you declare one type of movement action (with the exceptions of jumping and standing up, which may be combined with others) at the beginning of your initiative or choose to stay put. You may not act and then decide to move, for example, as you will have bypassed applicable modifiers. You may cover distance with your move before, during, and/or after any other actions you take during the turn. Extra actions in a turn do not allow you to cover more distance, but you may finish any incomplete movements with those actions. BASE MOVE (AUTOMATIC) Base moves represent leisurely, unhurried motions analogous to casual walking. This is the maximum distance you may move in a single action turn without incurring a modifier. FULL MOVE (AUTOMATIC) Full moves are akin to running or moving with effort and speed. This is the maximum distance you may move in meters in a single action turn without rushing (see below). Full moves impede your aim and other physical tasks requiring coordination: apply a –20 modifier as appropriate. So that mean that I can move many times during my turn? Example: activate a device - move - shoot an enemy - move - ecc and then why I can not "not act and then decide to move" ? The only differences between base and full move are the modifiers? If yes can I: aim a gun - full move - shoot - full move ? Or is that i can move only 1 time given that I "declare one type of movement action" only during my action turn? If yes: there is a conflict between the type of action and the movement rule or am I retarded? I'm really confused... Thank you
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Answered in 2nd edition playtest forum
Edit: This was already answered better in the 2nd edition playtest forum. In the 1st edition, 4th printing, this is more clear: Movement over clear ground is a quick action, not an automatic action. Running causes a -20 modifier. Moving over obstacles is a complex action. Even without reading that, I would interpret the rules you listed above like this: You can't really perform an infinite number of automatic actions in an action phase. You can perform any number of automatic actions once. So you can move once, say a short sentence once, drop one weapon on the ground, and spit one cigarette out of your mouth, but you cannot move an infinite number of times, say an infinite number of short sentences, and spit an infinite number of cigarettes out of your mouth. You might be able to drop every single item you're carrying in your hands, but that's kind of one single automatic action.