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accelerated sleep.

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thezombiekat thezombiekat's picture
accelerated sleep.
accelerated sleep. i was thinking about accelerated simulespace and sleep patterns. could you log onto a *60 virtual bedroom and get up mentally well rested 9 minutes latter.
Leodiensian Leodiensian's picture
Well, there are two
Well, there are two components to 'rest', physical and mental. VR time acceleration only addresses half the problem. Your body would still need some time to power down, repair petty damage, recharge etc. Basic biomods cut necessary sleep time down to four hours and circadian regulation brings it down to, what, one hour? Probably not many corners you could meaningfully cut short of switching to full synth morph, going ex human etc...
thezombiekat thezombiekat's picture
how much rest dose your
how much rest dose your physical body need. especially if your "work" involves data manipulation managed threw your mesh inserts. nothing to make you get out of bed there.
ShadowDragon8685 ShadowDragon8685's picture
I doubt the energy savings of
I doubt the energy savings of working entirely mentally in bed would be drastically superior to climbing out of bed and walking over to a computer chair to slump in. Also, if you're living that life, why not recycle your morph and go full infomorph anyway? With a simulspace working/living/playing environment, it could be just as good if not full-on superior. You'd never have such distractions as needing to use the restroom or shower or sleep. With Infolife speed, especially if you twinked out for 12x thought speed and lived in a 60x simulspace environment, you could get twelve hours worth of "work" (or play) done in a [i]minute[/i].
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