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About learned skill limit

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About learned skill limit
I have some questions of skill limit. "Note that any aptitude or skill bonuses provided by the morph are applied after all CP are spent. In other words, these bonuses do not affect the costs of buying aptitude and skill points during character generation. No aptitude may be modified over 40." "No learned skill may be raised over 80 during character creation (unless you have the Expert trait, p. 146)." 1. Does "character creation" include choosing starting morph? 2. Is the aptitude and skill bonus from morph add to the rank of the learned skill? Or just modifiers add to relative test? 3.If the answer of question 2 is "Add to rank". Then can I first spend CP to increase my learned skill rank to 80, then spend CP buy a morph, and after all CP spent, apply morph's bonus to make skill rank higher than 80? Thank you for reading my question.
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1. Yes
1. Yes 3. Yes It is pretty wonky and strange. If you want the highest skill possible it is actually better to have lower aptitudes and then rise them with your Morph. Getting 100 at character creation for example is easier if you have 10 REF ego than with 30 REF ego. Take 10REF raise your Fray to 80 then get Adrenal Boost and Reflex Boosters or Kick. That raises your REF to 30 and Fray to 100. 30 REF ego raises it's skill to 80 but then it can boost its REF only by 10, getting 90 Fray.
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By parts:
By parts: What you have cited is that the aptitude bonuses from the Morph (for example, +5COO) add directly to the skill+aptitude without additional cost. So you can, with an *ego* COG of 20, buy knowledge: nanofabrication at 60 (for example), so you have 80 in the total. If now you buy a morph that adds, among others, +5 to COG, you have a base of 85 in Knowledge: nanofabrication as long as you remain sleeved in that morph, and you need not to pay extra points for those +5 percentiles.