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4 armed biomorphs? Possible?

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4 armed biomorphs? Possible?
So..I was looking through the Colin Chapmans inspirational art thread, and one of the pics there was what I would guess would be a bio-morph if done, but had 4 arms. I am wondering if it is possible to do a 4 armed bio-morph or Pod, and if so, how, mechanically? (Or is there going to be an upcoming book with rules on how to design your own Bio-morphs?)
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there is an extra limb option

there is an extra limb option in the cyberware / bioware section of the book.

i imagine there is more coming, as there seems to be lots missing that you should be able to do (or could do in lower tech settings like shadowrun) that there just arent rules for. you can make do with whats there and fudge your own mechanics, i think. its pretty robust, but there is still only so much you can cram into 400 pages.