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2nd Edition Character Sheet (2 pages - compact)

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2nd Edition Character Sheet (2 pages - compact)
Hi Guys! I wanted to share with you the 2nd edition character sheet, which I made for my group. As I was not able to get on board with kickstarter, the character sheet is made according to rules from most recent playtest material. As you will see, this PC sheet is heavy on gear/extras. This is because my players are new to the settings and noting things down helps them remember what they can do and use them appropriately. Their characters have number of ALIs, bots and other stuff to carry around and this sheet is made to fit all of it :) Main changes vs official playtest sheet: • BACKGROUND INFO: All character background info and Rez points count were moved to page 1 • APTITUDES: changed into table to save space • DERIVED: moved to combat section • MENTAL: changed into table to save space • MORPH: Extended (added movement rates, space for notes, more space for ware, traits and added portrait box, Pools’ boxes were marked with colours for reference when using tokens) • SKILL LIST: Reduced/optimised (removed aptitude score column, removed exotic and profession skills, reduced number of entries for hardware, medicine, pilot and know. Added some slots for skills not included on the list) • GEAR: Modified/extended (added space for marking gear points available after removing items from default gearpack, marking if the item is included in gearpack, item cost, and if it is categorized as restricted) • COMBAT: Extended/optimised (moved here derived stats, added total armour value and shot count for 3 different weapons) • REP: Modified (removed trivial favours from tracking, added space for fake ID rep scores and resources-trait GP tracking) • TRAIT & EXTRAS: Re-organized (changed layout to table for ego traits and removed Additional gear/augmentations section) • PSI: Re-organized (removed range column from sleight table, added range cheat-sheet, Psi skill rank, substrain type) • MUSE: changed into ALIs/CREATURES section (for 3 individual entries with detailed stats) • NOTES: removed • BOTS-VEHICLES: new section to keep track of character’s robotic companions and space-tank-limos :) (for 3 individual entries with detailed stats) Please have a look and let me know if you see any mistakes/typos or you have any suggestions! EDIT: As I do not know how to upload files in new post, I edit original message. Sorry! Please see attached new version with "Notes & Extras" added ("eldaniello's EP2 character sheet - notes and extras"). I also updated original character sheet, I made minor changes in layout ("eldaniello's EP2 character sheet - original"). On top of that please have a look at additional morph sheets ("eldaniello's EP2 character sheet - extra morph"). Just print it, cut out, clip to your original character sheet and bang! resleeving complete :) EDIT 2: After some tweaking, the final files are uploaded here (again, sorry for editing original post but uploading files on the top seems the best option for clarity). There are now 3 variants of character sheet (names are pretty self-explanatory :D) 1: original one with Psi and 3xALIs/Companions & 3xBots/Vehicles 2: one with Psi, 2xALIs/Companions, 2xBots/Vehicles and Notes/Extras 3: one with no Psi, 3xALIs/Companions, 3xBots/Vehicles and Notes/Extras Oh! and the "extra morhp" sheet is there as well! Go have a look and let me know what you think!
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I like it!
I like it! The red color is a bit much for me, but the design is really good. I feel Iwould run out of space for morph mods though... maybe cut 1 Ali 1 Vehicule on the second page to make room for more gear/implants, I don't know. I'll print it and try transcribing a couple characters to see.
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Let me know how the transcription worked. I know the colour is a bit strong but I wanted to keep it in line with 1e character sheet, just without the background. Also pencil writing stands out much more when the character sheet elements are on the red-orange-yellow side of colour scale. Anyway, if you have some colour that would work better for you, send me the sample, I can redo it quite simply. As for the space for morph’s mods, there is also notes section, you can put info there as well :) But your point is valid - I will make an alternative version with only 2 ALIs and Bots and will add space for “notes/extras”. I think this will cover it :)
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Files updated
Hi! the character sheets were updated - please see the original message for details.
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Test character
I transcribed a NPC sentinel I use in some of my games: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kO5yoVw6R2JN8sjTIxBpgbwjXeq1hUg3 Your choice to use of red for a printed copy is great after all. Pencil on grayscale is not very noticeable, as you pointed out. I guess it was just because I looked at it on a screen the first time. In the weapons section, you can change Reload to Ammo (as of the latest beta version). In the gear section, instead of a checkbox for Gearpack, I'd use the checkbox for Blueprint (if the character owns a reusable blueprint of that gear). I'll transcribe another NPC next, which has a morph with more mods and we'll see how that turns out. Personal note, I have never used Psi in any games, so maybe make a version without that section when finalized. I'd use the spare room for the Muse stats and make the "Notes & Extras" section taller. And again, great work :) EDIT: and here's the second character. Usually I would've filled the Notes section with the gear bonuses but I felt lazy ;) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ny1Yakw5qqpj1Q5dXbZM9QxNjdXRuWt3
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Thank a lot stalfos for testing the sheet (great drawings in Bot section btw – it made my day :D)! It seems that all the morph ware fit into the intended box, that's great! :) Regarding your comments: • I changed Reload to Ammo in the weapons section on 1st and 2nd page. • In the Gear section I added new checkbox for blueprint marking. I didn’t want to lose gearpack checkbox. I want to use it for tracking which items are acquired permanently and which should be lost at the end of session/campaign (or bought again using GP for next scenario). • I prepared a version of character sheet without Psi. In this version there are 3 ALIs (as Muse is ALI and one of entries for ALIs was always intended to be used for Muse) and Bots. I made "Notes & Extras" bigger but placed it at the bottom to keep the layout clear. I also removed Backup section from character’s dossier and enlarged Motivations section there. I hope the final version of character sheet will be useful for you and other players :) Once again – thanks a lot for help in improving the sheet! (original post was updated to have the final files there).
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Glad to be of help!
Glad to be of help! I like the result very much.
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Thanks for your work
Thanks for your work ElDaniello ! I made a partial french translation of your sheets for my players (here : http://www.eclipsephase.com/2nd-edition-character-sheet-2-pages-compact-...). I also modified some things to better suit my needs : - I change the "Gearpack" to "Acquiered" label : As for you, I want to know what is permanenlty acquired by PCs, though I do not care if it's from their base gearpack or not. - I re-ordered skills to divide them in 3 groups : Social / Physical / Mental skills. I think this helps a lot more to find which skill using in which situation. - I also changed the label "spent" to "remaining" in Pools. I think it's better to know what you have left in a single look than to compute it, even how trivial a substraction is. If you send me the source files (or better then, release them publicly) I (and others) may be able to do a better job translating them neatly ;) Cheers ! Maoulkavien
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Open Files
Thanks Maoulkavien! It’s great to see this character sheet is being used and appreciated by others! It was a lot of work and this is how it pays off :) Regarding your comments Maoulkavien: “- I change the "Gearpack" to "Acquiered" (…)” My understanding of the rules (and correct me if I’m wrong) is that, only items a PC gets to keep, are those in their gearpack. And even though I allow my players to change their gearpacks’ contens (if the number of GP is the same), this still is a gearpack – hence the name of the checkbox :) “- I re-ordered skills to divide them in 3 groups : Social / Physical / Mental skills. (…)” I understand this train of thoughts, this also must work great when creating the character in the first place – it gives a clear view of what the character specializes in. In case of my group though, in most cases, a player describes to me what they want to do, and then I, or we together, decide which skill is the best to make a test. In this scenario, having them sorted alphabetically works best as they can find the value quickly. “- I also changed the label "spent" to "remaining" in Pools (…)” There are different views on this topic :) I myself agree with you. But no matter how much I’d force my players to mark “remaining” on their sheet, it’s easier and quicker for them to just put a mark in the box for each used pool point. And as we are using coloured tokens for tracking pools, it’s even harder to get them to note even this down :) I also viewed your work so far. It looks great :) I have some comments based on my experience, I think, can be useful for you. I don’t know if you proof-printed the translated character sheet, I don’t know either what printer are you using. But from what I learned printing negative text on red background (mix of Magenta, Yellow and Black) is limited due to misregister. You must choose the text size carefully or it will not be readable. I made few dozen attempts with this character sheet, using pretty new office printer and it turned out the acceptable readability is reached with text sizes that were used on the original sheet. Going any smaller makes it very hard to read. But back to the point! I’d be happy to see translations of this character sheet! My only request is that you give credit to the creator in your final work and a link to this original thread. I see that you’ve already did this Maoulkavien, this info is only for other people that would like to translate/remix the sheet. Thanks in advance! You can find open files (.svg) here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15YEMG-3iQV1oG_Q8qDH_SoSBxM4TVVwA/view?u... Character sheets were created using Inkscape 0.92.1 r15371. I recommend using the same version for editing as, in the past, I had some problems editing documents when I changed Inkscape versions. Documents created with, for example, version 0.90 were not correctly displayed in version 0.91 and it was almost impossible to circumvent this issue. I had to remake a lot of elements. But maybe they’ve fixed it in more recent ones, I surely hope so :) For your convenience, each page’s elements are grouped in layers based on what is the common feature. Layers have names in Polish and English (yes, I’m from Poland, Pozdrowienia z Warszawy! :D). It is more complex in case of second page variants as they were made later. In the page 1 there is also a mask and layers prepared fo putting the character portraits in. It is then nicely exportable to PDF. I wish you luck with translation and please, share the final work with me. I’m thrilled to see the outcome! Cheers! eldaniello
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hi! awesome work!
hi! awesome work! Thanks for sharing the sheets, and sharing the .svg files. I'm translating your character sheets to spanish, to play with friends that don't read/speak english. The first translation I made: page 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1chVaABHHgOtI3Dt0YtY3JzOYTwaGA6wa page 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1P7qE9XphFwhL6jpserHroAp2qTHOo3Rl
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Spanish version
Fantastic! I’m happy that you find my work useful and that you were able to use the files malditovikingo. The sheet looks great :) Good luck with the campaign!