2 Wounds and Knockout. Duration?

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2 Wounds and Knockout. Duration?

On p. 207, if someone suffers two wounds in a single attack, and fails the SOM x 3 test, they are rendered unconscious. However, no duration is stated, nor did I find mention of it in the healing/recovery rules.

If it hasn't already been established, perhaps 1 Combat Turn per 10 MoF on the SOM x 3 test? (Suggestion.)

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Re: 2 Wounds and Knockout. Duration?

I'd imagine that unconsciousness means that you're basically taken out of the fight. Once the combat is over and people have time to go to you and wake you up, then you get up. Otherwise, maybe it takes until a wound heals.

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Re: 2 Wounds and Knockout. Duration?

Quoting from the rulebook, page 207 under "Durability and Health":

"Once you have accumulated
damage points equal to or exceeding your Durability
stat, you immediately collapse from exhaustion and
physical abuse. You remain unconscious and may
not be revived until your damage points are reduced
below your Durability, either from medical care or
natural healing."

I'd rule that a two-wound knockout would work in basically the same way; they're out of action until their Durability comes back up.

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Re: 2 Wounds and Knockout. Duration?

We basically left unconsciousness duration up to the GM. It can last until someone wakes them up, until they heal, or until they get some medical attention.

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