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101 brainbenders

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101 brainbenders
[b]Chemicals, and nano, and petals, oh my![/b] I think there is a bit of a dearth of canonical brain benders, particularly considering subcultures like the scum are a big part of EP. I understand that part of that is that GMs (and even the players) are expected to create their own drugs to augment the book lists. However, that is not always an easy task. So, in this thread, we will come up with a list of substances that could be in the Eclipse Phase world. Recreational uses are the archetypal reason, but feel free to submit performance-enhancing (e.g. super-nootropics), therapeutic (e.g. super-Prozac), etc. For the first example ("Barney"), I came up with a fully-statted drug, but feel free to offer only partially-thought-out examples: feel free to even just submit evocative names. (Personally, I kinda think the name "Barney", while appropriate for the drug, kinda sucks). Marketing is, after all, totally a thing in the brain bender market.
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--[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOHkrZECnfs]Officer Santangelo, "The Wire" (NSFW language)[/url] [hr] [b]1. Barney[/b] Aka "Y", "Greek", "Eve". Similar to the effects of [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MDMA]MDMA[/url] or [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxytocin]oxytocin[/url], a user becomes more empathic. Provides +5 SAV for duration. However, the drug also makes user less inclined to behave in antisocial, exploitive, or competitive behavior. At GM's discretion, some social skills (Deception, Networking: Ultimates, etc) will *not* get the +5 bonus. Particularly "hostile" social tests (especially the Intimidation skill) will not only have the +5 negated, but receive a -10 penalty. Use of violence on users' part can also be hindered: a WIL test may be required to, e.g., commit a random mugging. (However, e.g. using violence to defend a loved one while under the influence will be just as easy). [Low] Type: Chem Application: Oral Onset Time: 20 minutes Duration: 8 hours Addiction Modifier: -- Addiction Type: Mental (creators note: basically "MDMA... in spppaaaaaaaaaaaacce!" The nicknames "Y" "Greek" and "Eve" are all from nicknames for MDMA/Ecstasy (Y comes after X, and Y is called "Greek I" in Spanish. A promoter of MDMA called it "Adam"))
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Oooh, I like this idea. I'll
Oooh, I like this idea. I'll definitely have to contribute some to this list. At the very least, I want to come up with EP versions of some of the drugs from Altered Carbon, since I just read that last weekend.
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Here's a half-baked idea: A dissociative, which when combined with small aerostats/kites, allows one to live life with a literal, third-party over-the-shoulder perspective. I imagine it'd do wonders for inhibitions, but the downside is, it could lead to trouble with a lack of inhibitions, feelings of helplessness, and an out-of-control id, especially when combined with narcotics that suppress the superego, or - Promethians help us - combat drugs like BringIt.