10 Things I found laying around on Earth

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10 Things I found laying around on Earth

With my brand spanking new EP campaign taking off and my players getting into there roles I've needed to do some extra planning. They've decided to work as a near Earth/Luna salvage team. (Read: junk men, lots of Sandford and Son jokes.)
Also with a reclaimer bent. So I thought I'd start some lists of pre-fall items they might come across in some of there work.

Things I found while searching
1. Brand name blueprints (Food,Drink,Clothing,Vehicles...)
2. Famous pieces of art/jewelry (Mona Lisa,Hope Diamond...)
3. Historical artifacts(Look a Mummy...)
4. Cortical Stacks (Politicians,Media Personalities,Wealthy Industrialists...)
5. Media lost during the fall (XP,Audio...)
6. Household belongs (Family China,Silverware,Personal Data Storage...)
7. Lab samples (Someone In Stasis, Bio-hazard containers,Blood Specimens...)
8. An ark collection (Library of genitic samples for plants or animal species...)
9. Common appliance or electronics (ITS A TRAP! Dangerous Titan Tech Or Exurgent Virus...)
10.Experimental or prototype weapon or tech (Of course it was never perfected...)

Add some more!

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Re: 10 Things I found laying around on Earth

Not to mention:
~Raw materials like platinum, gold, uranium.
~TITAN artifacts, like an ego harvester unit
~Anti TITAN artifacts, like malware and viruses created for the purpose of destroying TITAN
~Benevolent seed A.I backups
~Antimatter suspended in a fullerine matrix.
~Weapons weapons and more weapons (some infected, some not).
~Hard paper deeds to solar system property ("It says so right here, my mining conglomerate owns Extropia!").
~Legal documents.
~Luxury items that only get better when older (wine, champagne, scotch)
~Tactical and strategic nuclear and antimatter weaponry (Hypercorp, brinker and other non nuclear organizations would love those)

After all it's only 10 years after the fall, think back at the stuff that came out in the year 2000 it's not THAT dated, a lot of it still works fine.

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Re: 10 Things I found laying around on Earth

1. 1912 Rolls Royce Phantom II
2. Old Revolver, no bullets
3. Lunar Rover
4. Old spaceship (mostly blown to hell and back, but the pin-ups in the pilot's cabin are still good!)
5. The remains of another Near Earth/Lunar salvage team
6. Battered box with sealed test tubes, unlabeled (filled with airborne Ebola virus or other nasty)
7. Real wooden cup
8. Case full of old kung-fu DVDs (the cheesier the better)
9. Old spaceship with hole in the side. All passengers/crew still aboard, but dead (Failed escapees from The Fall)
10. Children's toys

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Re: 10 Things I found laying around on Earth

Samples of how some TITAN equipment/software has evolved in thier absence.

Samples of how some TITAN equipemnt/software has broken down or failed in thier absence

IIRC, the TITANs went after the leaders and high powered egos of humaity to upload first. So you find a big pile of discarded cortical stacks. Among those is one person of high rank who knows things about what *really* happened.

Records of which TITAN's evolved from which systems and were involved in which activities including information on how they all interacted and related to one another.

The original genetic code that Destro and Cobra Commander used to make the Serpentor morph!!!

The Antarctic Gate ;)

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Re: 10 Things I found laying around on Earth

Sealed shipping container full of:

1. Freeze dried Bolivian Coffee
2. Freeze dried Bolivians in coffins (wealthy Coffee oligarchs family that were harvested - couldn't bear to leave the bodies behind).
3. Styrofoam pellets. An entire container full of them, with nothing in it. Lets hope they didn't open it zero-g, because they are going to be a bugger to get back in there and you can bet they will have gone everywhere - in the air ducts, behind panels... They were just styrofoam pellets, right?
4. A grand piano.
5. Hundreds and hundreds of books, actual print books. Worth a fortune to the right buyer.... Wait a second, these are all print phone books for Milton Keynes from 2056!
6. Thousands of odd keys. Might be worth something as scrap.
7. A single scrap of paper that says "You shouldn't have opened this. You're in big trouble now". Nothing bad happens (right - nothing bad is going to happen, is it?)
8. A fully operational nuclear device that seems to have counted down to zero but not detonated. A search will reveal a small plastic tab sticking out of one section of the bomb that reads "Remove before use"
9. Hundreds of memory modules full of surveilance footage of the PC's for the last 5 years. Viewing it will reveal small discrepancies and eventually they will discover one module that includes the recovery of the container, opening it and them all being killed in a grisly and horribly agonising way.
10. 1d10 x 20 Gold Pieces and a finely made sword covered in strange runes that confers a +5 bonus to hit.


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Re: 10 Things I found laying around on Earth

hi hi

1. An early grave. (maybe this one goes without saying, but I figured it was important enough.)
2. Working Atari 2600
3. Cell phone
4. Camera that uses actual film
5. Famous religious artifact
6. Authentic physical currency (coins)
7. Piece of a famous structure (Parthenon, Eiffel Tower, Brooklyn Bridge etc.)
8. DNA sample from the carcass of an extinct species
9. The Dalmore 1868 Single Highland Malt Scotch
10. A road sign

(A mummy you say? How about a mummy that is suddenly animated by nanomachines and tries to kill you!)

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Re: 10 Things I found laying around on Earth

1. One red paperclip
2. One twinky (these things are like cockroaches, they last forever)
3. One Coleman stove
4. One Red Generator (for all your power needs)
5. One famous skidoo
6. One Freight truck
7. One recording contract
8. One Kiss globe
9. One movie contract
10. Once house (still functional)

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Re: 10 Things I found laying around on Earth

1) 50,000,000,000 cars and not a drop of gasoline
2) Mountains of overdue bills, many sent by self-maintaining AIs
3) Stockpiles of survival equipment, still in original packaging, including heavy-duty, anti-TITAN helmets
4) Blueberries!
5) Those aren't blueberries!!
6) A substantial collection of skulls
7) Twinkies, slightly stale
8) All six seasons of 'Tralfor Twins' in a format you can't read
9) Styrofoam cups

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Re: 10 Things I found laying around on Earth

1. A battlefield from the battle for Earth, full of mechanic things that still seam to move.
2. A genetic installation full of failed experiments of "definitive soldiers" for humanity's defense.
3. A doll.
4. A park bench and lamp post.
5. Files of corporate logs.
6. A boat docked in the middle of land.
7. A crashed helicopter or jet.
8. Old-fashioned clothes.
9. Paintings.
10. Bottles of all kinds of liquids, some broken, some not.

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Re: 10 Things I found laying around on Earth

... Myself
Myself isnt a item or that numerous
I disagree
Me too
Does forks count?
Shut up
Make me
Oh just great, more of me
I, at least, am myself & quite sane
I have located all of what was me, Of *ahem* our scattered orignal remnants, that is

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