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1 on 1 ??

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1 on 1 ??
does ep work well for 1 on 1 (gm/player)?? if so, what type of setup/scenario? thanks bs
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Re: 1 on 1 ??
Does it work well? Yes and no. GMing for one player is challenging because you only have one other voice at the table - you'll have to be talking 50% of the time, and it's best to do a lot of planning, since it's harder to improvise when the players don't waste time arguing. On the other hand, you only have one player to plase. If you're careful and know what the player wants (not the character, mind you, the player) then you can easily tailor the campaign to that player's tastes. What type of setup/scenario? It depends on the character. Hugely. Look at their character sheet. If they've got a ton of combat augmentations, an emergency farcaster, and expert-level kinetic weapons skill, they probably want a firefight or two. On the other hand, if they have high skills in Art: AR design, a cornicopia machine and schematics for recreational drugs it might be an idea to break out the social NPCs. I don't mean to say that you can't include challenges their character won't be able to deal with, but if they don't get to use their skills they'll feel powerless, gyped, and bored, in that order. Also, there are a few things to keep in mind for solo PCs: 1. Without party members, death is a lot more fatal, as it's much less likely a character's cortical stack will be recovered. 2. Without party members, a character will likely end up frustrated by the skills they don't have, no matter how carefully you prepare. I advise you to either bring in some NPC allies for the player, or to carefully make clear the rules for calling in favours for services on page 289.
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Re: 1 on 1 ??
Perhaps not a very useful comment, but I cannot see why EP would work any worse than any other RPG in this respect. Mind you, I haven't GM'd a single player game since, well, way back in school.
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