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¿Physical coins in EP?

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¿Physical coins in EP?
Hi dudes, its great to come back here after so long. I continue with my blog in Spanish (sincerely, the only one i know), and these days I was wondering about the money, the physical coins. It is obvious that payments in the mesh are normal, but does the physical currency EXISTS in the planetary consortium or in the commonwealth? There is somewhere in manuals where it is understood whether or not the physical currency exists? Thx for comments
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I recall nothing that
I recall nothing that suggests that physical currency is still a thing. I think its all digital now. Mind you, most people in the setting have easy access to a computer; most have mesh inserts. The exception might be zeros (people without mesh inserts or ectos). Because they lack computers, they might need some other form of currency. Mind you, they are often people who are indentured, so they likely have a hypercorp who has a vested interest in keeping them effective workers. They will probably take care of all financial needs (and rig the system to keep them indentured longer).
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But I find it hard to believe
But I find it hard to believe that if the authors' idea is that there is no currency, they shouldnt put anywhere that it doesnt exist. They talk about sexuality, other economies, nanofabrication and... do they forget to say that the currency doesnt exist? Either way, I found a quote that I had not noticed in the first edition in the credits section that closes the topic "Credit is mainly transferred electroni-cally, though certified credit chips are also common (and favored for their anonymity). Hardcopy bills are even used in some habitats." (page 125)
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Hi! (I will answer in English
Hi! (I will answer in English because here talking Spanish wouldn't be polite) I guess the "coins" would be pre-pay cards.
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