A Time of Eclipse ePub Now Available!

We're pleased to announce that A Time of Eclipse ePub is now available on DriveThruRPG! A Time of Eclipse is roughly pages 6-111 of the Eclipse Phase core rulebook, converted to ePub and Mobi formats. It's also available on the Kindle Store if that's your preferred experience.

This was one of the stretch goals from the Transhuman Kickstarter, and we're excited to release part of Eclipse Phase in a way that's more accessible to cel phone readers and other small screens. ePubs, unlike PDFs, feature reflowable and resizable text, so you can tweak things to your taste while reading it!

Work continues on turning the rest of the Eclipse Phase core rulebook into ePub format, and the rules portion will be released as a distinct download sometime in the future!

Quincey Forder Quincey Forder's picture

This will be really useful for me when I GM it on Second Live. I could share it with my player without risking them finding out too much too soon!

Skywise Skywise's picture
Any plans for converting the rest?

You know, I'd pay the bucks all over again for ePub versions :-)

AdamJury AdamJury's picture
Skywise: Once we're finished

Skywise: Once we're finished converting the rules portion of the core rulebook, we'll be evaluating the other titles and figuring out if it's worthwhile to do.