Project Status

Updated: February 25 2017

Here's a quick report on the status of various projects we have in the works, updated around the beginning of every month or whenever we have news.

Asterisked items (*) are remaining stretch goals for our Transhuman kickstarter.

Most of our hardcover print books falls in the 160-200 page count range. All are also released in PDF formats (and any fiction pieces separately in ebook formats).

Most of our softcover print-on-demand releases fall in the 24-40 page count range. All are also released as PDFs.

Capsule: Details various threats to transhumanity. Half sourcebook, half monster manual.
Status: Electronic and print versions are both available now!

Capsule: A mini-sourcebook on the argonauts faction.
Status: available in POD and PDF.

Crime Book (Final Title TBD)
Capsule: A sourcebook on transhuman crime, cartels, and running crime-based campaigns.
Status: Currently in the outline stage.

Eclipse Phase Core Book ePub*
Capsule: The EP core book in ePub format, divided into two separate books: setting and rules.
Status: The setting ePub is available now. The rules ePub is in production.

Quick Reference Sheets*
Capsule: 6 handy reference sheets and flowcharts in PDF format.
Status: Currently in layout.

Space Combat (Final Title TBD)*
Capsule: A mini-sourcebook on space combat in EP.
Status: Currently in the rough notes stage.