Optimized Pregens?

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Optimized Pregens?

My first experience playing Eclipse Phase was Mind the WMDs, and our GM allowed us to either choose a pregen (from the quickstart or the core book) or create our own character. I had an idea for a scum techie that was a bit different from Elisa, so I opted to create a character.

Later, I played in a gatecrashing game where everyone used customized characters.

When I played at conventions, I had to actually play pregens, and some of the character choices baffle me. Cheap stacking armor and medichines are no-brainers for Firewall agents -- likewise, characters going into a combat mission without lethal weapons rarely makes any sense.

Would it improve play experience to touch up the pregens -- if not for future printings, then for GMs to have available so that when a player chooses one, they aren't so underequipped, especially next to people who actually did chargen?

There are a couple of goals I'm looking at here:

One is general optimization -- there may be some places where points could have been spent better, or gear that is just a no-brainer for firewall agents (smart/second skin, armor clothing or vacsuit, medichines). Also, stuff like that a smartlink and safety system are standard for all guns should probably be noted on pregen sheets for newbies, as well as the resulting weapon skill totals.

Two is combat flexibility. Instead of security specialists walking into a peaceful hab with armor and a big gun, and techies boarding an exsurgent-infested ship with nothing but a foam gun, each character could have two or three combat gear sets - here's what you have for civilized hab missions, here's what you have for a raid on a pirate base or an exsurgent nest, here's what you have for space operations. The GM can tell the player to refer to the appropriate section.

What do you think?

Included are two examples:
I've played the Criminal Hacker a couple of times in convention games. Sometimes being a swarm is fun, but on a combat mission you may be relegated to sitting back and watching. This version has the ghost morph instead, but thanks to optimized use of points, also has the swarmanoid -- the player can remote control it or resleeve into it as needed. (I admit that throwing in a Spare for free by making it unfit may be a bit cheesy). It also includes a bunch of techie gear, as well as armor and weapons -- the GM may deem some inappropriate for certain adventures, of course, and can just strike them from the sheet as needed.

There wasn't much I could do with the Scum Enforcer when it comes to shuffling CP around, but even then, she now has 50% more armor (and a bit more flexibility in what she's going into a given situation with) and fancy ammo choices for her guns.