How to Beat a Tank

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Personal preference:

Personal preference:
1x infomorph sleeved into a Ghostrider implanted in a Guardian Angel.
5x slaved G.A.'s. I have a build for this, I can dig it up if people want.
Each G.A. has a Seeker Rifle with 1x paint grenade and #x thermobaric HEAP grenades.
~ alpha fork about 3 times with same build (5 drones/wing)
1x fabber set to crank out monofilament wire.

Wing 1 does a volley-fire Over-Horizon with airburst paint grenades. Visual null sig is busted.
Spotter goes hot, participates in HEAP volley, luring tachi into alleyway that's filled with monowire.
Wing 2's spotter allows another wave.
Fray works well against single target attacks, but you can't escape the air being on fire.
Doesn't matter how many spotters you lose, you just push 1 artillery forward to spotter position.

Rest of party shows up with loaders to salvage one very grumpy ex-tank.

Sudo drop your weapon.